Pascha 2013

In the Eastern Orthodox Church we call Easter, Pascha.  It means Passover.  It is the Lord’s Passover.  The week following Pascha is known as Bright Week. The Pascha Divine Liturgy is served during Bright Week and the doors of the Iconostasis are left open.

Today is Bright Monday.  My parish has a tradition of serving Liturgy at a little tiny historic temple and then going out to brunch together. Alas, this year my family could not participate.  Today was a gloriously beautiful sunshiny day.  A wonderful, bright, day for celebrating Bright Monday.

Yesterday, Pascha was also a glorious bright, beautiful, sunny day! I thought I would share a bit about our Pascha weekend.  In pictures!  (No, it’s really me, Tess. I haven’t been hacked. I’m actually just going to show a few pictures and stop talking writing now!)

100_7037 100_7040
100_7049 100_7054
100_7057 100_7058


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