Random 5 on Friday {May 10th Addition}

Yes, I know it’s Saturday.  I did it again.  Do good intentions count? I really intended for this to be published on Friday.  *sigh*

1. I was determined to post every day in May.  Hahahaha.  I think I just went three days without posting.  The first day, I simply forgot. I was still in recovery mode from Pascha.  The second day, I gave up.  The third day?  Well that was yesterday and was supposed to be this post. 

2. We’ve had incredibly wonderful weather (ok so it’s a bit on the hot side for Western WA as this time of year but I’m  trying to focus on the SUN part and not the hot part.)


3. Speaking of hot, I mean beautiful gorgeous, and sunny days.  Pascha (Eastern Orthodox Easter) was the most beautiful day.  We had lovely sunshine for our Egg and Treat Hunt and our Agape Feast Picnic.  Here Supergirl gets ready to collect her candy. The air is full of joy and shouts of “Christ is Risen” 


4. Our tiny little garden is coming along nicely! Well the beans and peas anyway.  The carrots not so much.  Tomorrow’s agenda includes going and getting some zucchini plants, tomato plants, bell pepper plants and perhaps some yellow squash and/or cucumber plants. We’ll be doing the peppers and tomatoes in containers and planting the zucchini, squash and cukes along side the carrots and behind the rows.


5. Today, Bright Saturday, is our Altar Feast, a special feast day for our parish. (Our parish is named after the Resurrection.  A Parish named after a saint, would have their feast day). It was a big day; for our parish had a visit from our Archbishop (The right reverend Benjamin, Archbishop of San Francisco and the West).  Traditionally the handmaidens of the church go out and meet the bishop and present him with flowers.  Today the only handmaidens present were my girls. Supergirl, who *has* met and talked with His Eminence before, turned very shy and would not look at him.


Waiting for the Bishop to arrive.


What do we do now?


The Bishop arrives!


Greeting the Bishop!

The Pebble Pond


  1. Your garden looks great. You should see my lettuce. I thought it was doing good until I looked at my daughters little garden she put in. Ha. Her lettuce is 4 times the size of mine. lol!


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