Random 5 on Friday {May 31st Edition}

I completed and utterly missed last week.  I had every intention of posting a Random 5 last week but well, it didn’t happen.

1.  This past weekend BooBear had her last piano recital. Well the last one as a minor. She’ll be attending college in the fall studying music and playing the piano so I’m sure it’s not the last time ever that she’ll perform but it is the last time she’ll perform in this type of recital.

Boobear plays the piano during the recital Boobear poses with flower after the recital.

2.  We’ve had an awesome week of product deliveries! All for the review crew! The science will be technically for the next school year but the Lily Lapp books are some fun read alouds to end our school year and the pile of books from Moving Beyond the Page is a wonderful way to finish up Tailorbear’s 8th grade! We also received our download copy of the TeenCoder C# series from Home School Programming.  Boobear may be graduating in 3 weeks but she has said she “will probably work on this over the summer anyway.”

Science, social studies, and literature review items!

3. Graduation season is upon us!  I know I am incredibly stressed out trying to get everything ready and finished and planned and sorted out for my first student to graduate from our home school.  We’re planning a small little ceremony with cap and gown (just the family!) and then out to a nice dinner (haven’t picked where yet!).  The next day, we’ll have a graduation open house to celebrate with friends and family. (Well, the family that are able to come!) I still can’t believe my baby is all grown up! Here are some pics from her senior picture photo shoot:

IMG_4132 IMG_4212
IMG_3983 IMG_4284

 4. It has been raining and raining and raining. I’m afraid the garden has washed away but Honeybear assures me that though it is very wet, it is still there. We’re hoping that the sun comes out this weekend and the the sunshine will cause a lovely growth spurt.

5. Tailorbear made dinner tonight.  Shrimp Creole. She followed the recipe (for the most part) in the Fix it and Forget it Cookbook.  Sorry no pictures but it smells awesome!  It tastes pretty good too, especially if you like shrimp.  She’s pretty pleased with herself and I am very proud of her. She asked me what I did to it because it smelled so good. I told her I did nothing. I made no adjustments to it all. She did all the work!

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  1. I love the photos of your daughter! She is beautiful! I enjoy participating in the Random 5 on Friday meme too. :)


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