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We love books here.  Books allow us to take a virtual adventure or peek at a world new to us. The Adventures of Lily Lapp from Baker Publishing Group is a perfect series for exploring a new to us culture. Lily is an Amish girl, but in so many ways she’s just like any other young American girl. Intended for ages 8-12 we found that Life with Lily (book one) and A New Home for Lily (book two) make for a fantastic family read aloud for all ages.

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These chapter books read almost like a collection of short stories with each chapter being a self contained independent story, yet at the same time each chapter is linked chronologically and the reader experiences the passing of time. You can read a summary of book one, Life with Lily ($12.99), here or download an excerpt here. You can read a summary of book two, A New Home for Lily ($12.99), here or download an excerpt here.

Initially, I wanted to review these books because I intended to read them aloud to Supergirl. When they arrived, however, the books attracted more of my daughters. I started out reading aloud to Supergirl, reading 2 to 3 chapters at a sitting. When my husband had his heart attack and was home from work for awhile, he took over reading aloud. The grandparents have come to visit and now Granka (Grandpa) has been reading aloud. He reads only one chapter at a time but he reads more than once a day.

Daddy reads Life with Lily aloud to Supergirl

At times Tailorbear and Turtlegirl would listen in to the reading aloud but then Tailorbear started sneaking off with the book to read ahead.

Tailorbear reads A New Home for Lily

Thoughts from Turtlegirl (age 15):

I enjoyed reading the first book, and I am enjoying reading the second. They’re fun to read by myself, but they’re more fun to be read-aloud as a family. The characters are very real. I think when I was around 5 or 6 and reading above my grade-level, these would have been excellent books for Mom to give to me to read. Lily is a very believable character, one I think I could’ve identified with when I was younger. I like how each chapter is like an individual story, and yet they’re all part of a whole. It’s fascinating to be given a look at an Amish lifestyle through the eyes of a child.  

Thoughts from Tailorbear (age 14):

I enjoyed book one and book two! I think I would have liked them better if I was younger and ESPECIALLY if they were read aloud! I enjoyed listening to my mom read to my sister, Supergirl. I really loved how real the characters felt. Especially Mandy Mast, and another one that I don’t want to name! Another thing I loved was Aunt Susie. Supergirl is special needs, like Aunt Susie (who has Down Syndrome) Only Supergirl has DiGeorge Syndrome and had a stroke. What my worry (kind of silly at my age) is if I got married and had kids,what would they think of my sister! Seeing Lily’s reactions to Aunt Susie and seeing how much they got along has really lifted that! I think that these books are excellent family books!

  Thoughts from Supergirl (Development age 6ish):

Lily is so nice. I mean she is and so pretty, I think. Her brother Joseph is nice kind of and funny.  He tried to fly like a bird. Mandy is kind of mean to Lily.I like the book. It is fun.  I want Grandma and Granka to read it aloud to me. Daddy and mama have been reading it aloud to me. Reading aloud is fun.  It’s fun looking at the pictures.


My Bottom Line:

These are adorable chapter books that are as enjoyable to read aloud as they are to listen to aloud. Turtlegirl was an early and advanced reader and finding material that was suitable for her age yet appropriate for her reading level was a challenge. I wish these books had been around then because they would have been perfect for her. I admit that I think these books work much better as read alouds than readers. The stories cry out to be shared. We’ve had some fantastic discussions about Lily’s antics.

For more fun and for more information visit The Adventures of Lily Lapp. You’ll find games, puzzles, information about the authors, and even a recipe for Mama’s Enormous Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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