Post Number 500!!!!!

I know that is such an original, creative and superior title to any other title I have done, right?  Oh well, this is my 500th post on my blog.  I wanted to have a HUGE celebration.  Maybe even a giveaway to celebrate how talkative I have been in the 5 years (give or take) that I’ve had this blog but in the blink of an eye or rather the beating of a heart, everything changed and my 500th post plan didn’t happen.

This past Sunday, June 2nd specifically, my husband had a heart attack. So this 500th post is to celebrate the many praises we have related this life changing event.  I’m using my “Random 5 on Friday” format but these aren’t really random thoughts since they are all related.

The Praises:

1. The heart attack was mild. Most likely caused by a clot. There’s a name for the type of the heart attack he had: NSTEMI.  Ok that’s not a name it’s a list of initials. The MI stands for myocardial infarction the medical name for heart attack.

2. Our pastor had perfect timing.  He arrived at the ER just as we got the confirmation of the blood work that it was indeed a heart attack. And that meant that I was NOT alone when my husband’s blood pressure began to crash from the nitro they gave him.

3. Though they called for a crash cart, they didn’t have to use it!

4. For our church family who has loved on us in countless ways such as sitting with me while Honeybear had the heart catherization, visiting at the hospital, visiting us at home, bringing us meals, keeping the children occupied on Sunday and in general praying, supporting, and encouraging us.

5. For friends and family who have supported, encouraged, prayed and just loved us.

Honeybear is recovering nicely.  He’s going to be ok but things are going to be different. The past few days I’ve just had to stop and get a hug. I think I’ve said I love you about 80 million times. He’s assured me he isn’t sick of hearing it.

I suspect I’ll be blogging more about moving back towards a more whole/real foods diet. I imagine that this heart attack will influence my blog in many ways.


  1. What a scary event indeed, we were blessed to be able to be there for you, and you continue to be in my prayers.
    I think you would be forgiven if you just hung around his neck and never let go ;)

  2. I think he has been rather enjoying the bit of hanging on and extra hugs :D


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