Random 5 on Friday {July 19th Version}

My motto, for many years, has been “the days may be long but the years are short.”  The weeks and months are even shorter! Where did June go?  Are we really over 1/2 way finished with July?  How can I get August to slow down.  I want to ENJOY the gorgeous, not too hot, SUNNY days that we sometimes have here in the Pacific Northwest! I love PNW Summers (well most of the time and this year I have really appreciated the “typical” mild summer).

1. Today is gorgeous.  GORGEOUS.  Yesterday started out cloudy but turned into a beautiful sunny day.  Our temps this week have been on the cool side (lower to mid 70’s). I think we’ll see some 80 degree temps over the weekend.  I am so spoiled. I love lots of sunshine without the sticky humidity and over 90 degree temps. I do NOT miss Minnesota summers at all. (Though I miss my family very much!)

2. I should do a separate garden update post. We have um 9 tomatoes growing (4-5 on each plant) and there is one zucchini starting to grow! Peas are starting to be on their way out but we’ve still got a picking or two or three left of them. Green Beans are starting to come in and we had our first picking this week.  I used them in a soup I made for lunch.

3. I finished reading Misery Loves Company for a Tyndale Bloggers Network review so I’ll be posting that review next week. Thankfully, despite the fact that it deals with authors and kidnapping it really is nothing like the book Misery by Stephen King.

4. The college thing for BooBear is getting more real.  Honeybear and I got “to the parents of” mail today for Family Orientation.  No. No. No.  My baby is NOT an adult and she is NOT going to be going to college in the fall.  No!

5. I bought spiral notebooks for 17 cents a piece at Wal-Mart. I’m 45 years old and I still get giddy about back-to-school-supplies.

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  1. School supplies get me all excited, too! We spent 30 minutes in Walmart this week, just oohing and aahing over the school supply section, even though we don't need 90% of what's there. (But we did come away with a few binders and notebooks). :)

  2. I love new school supplies! I'm resisting the urge to purchase new supplies until I finish unpacking from our recent move and see what I actually need. :)

  3. School supplies make me giddy too! I also this this summer has gone by way TOO FAST!


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