The Dolphins by Supergirl

We’ve been studying Dolphins, Porpoises, & Whales a Project Pack from Hands of a Child. (Look for my review early next week!). Supergirl loves all things to do with the sea and oceans.

One of the activities is called Dolphin Story.  I was going to skip it. I wasn’t sure she was up to writing a story but she wanted to write a “story poem” (um, nope, I don’t know what that means but it means something to her!).

With very little prompting from me this is what she wrote:

The Dolphins

By Supergirl

The Dolphins live in the sea. They keep swimming. They like playing fish games like fish tag. The Mom told the kids, “play in the water not go to the sharks” or the sharks will eat them. The kid dolphins played a game of Go Fish.  The Dolphins play restaurant and then they play tag again. They had fun!

The End


She is so proud of her book! She demanded that Daddy read it.  Then she took it to each of her sisters so that they would read it.

It’s moments like this that make home schooling so very very worth it!


  1. Cute "story poem"! Way to go Supergirl!

  2. sounds like she really enjoyed the study. :)

    annette @ A net in time

  3. Don't you just love moments like that? Way to go Supergirl! I loved your story poem!

  4. Tell her we all said beautiful story!! I love when we find a curriculum that just clicks with our kiddos! Such a YEA God moment, huh?!


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