New Beginnings

~Happy New Year~

Yes,  I said Happy New Year.  Yes, I know today is September 1st.  Today *is* the beginning of a new year: a new liturgical year.  Today we begin anew the liturgical cycle.  (Ok, yes, you’re right, only the Orthodox who follow the “new” or “revised” calendar celebrated today.  Those on the Julian or “old” calendar will celebrate in 13 days but that is a post topic for another time.)

We sang this special hymn for the new year this morning (for those interested it was New Year tone 4 common chant)

Creator and Master of time and the ages,
triune and merciful God of all:
Grant blessing for the course of this year
and in Thy boundless mercy save those who worship
Thee and cry out in fear:
O Savior, grant blessings to all mankind!

I love how the start of our new school year coincides with the start of a new liturgical cycle. And as we start our new school year we’ll be reading about the Feasts in the book The Incarnate God.  The book has the feasts arranged in liturgical order. 

The Incarnate God

The Incarnate God is a multilevel catechism intended for use in classrooms and study groups, and is particularly designed for individual edification and growth.”  We’ll be starting our school day off each morning with prayers followed by reading this book.  I’m really excited!  I’ve read through the book haphazardly on my own but now I will share with 3 of my daughters.  The oldest will just have to read it on her own, if she desires and if she has time. 

College.  Another new beginning for our family.  As we start the new liturgical year and we begin a new school year we also enter into a new season as a family: The season of adult child living at home and attending college full-time.

What new beginnings are you experiencing today?


  1. This week my baby will start his senior year. We have been married 30 years today so we are starting to realize that we are very, very close to being the parents of all young adult children. Weird. They really do grow up. A new beginning of a different type.


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