Random 5 on Friday {September 6th Edition}

I know, I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I did a Random 5 on Friday.  This will be the first one for September!  September? What happened to August? It’s only September 6 but it feels like September is flying away as well!

1. In mid-August the three “big girls” went camping at Mt Rainer with our church. They went hiking on the mountain.  They came out exhausted but happy and excited to tell us all about it.

 Camping Collage

2.  We started back to school on August 26th.  We eased into our new school year by only scheduling 5 days of school over two weeks.  It will be very strange to only have 3 girls instead of 4 in our home school, but I’m really excited about the things we’ll be studying! This week we’re really back it!

First Day Collage

3.  I finally learned how to can tomatoes and there is no way I could have canned them without the Tomato Canning Extravaganza that my dear friend Mimi organized. BooBear and I helped process about 100 lbs. of tomatoes (that was 5!!! 20lb boxes!) into 72 pints and 5 quarts. Working together we had an assembling line of sorts  for each of the steps. I should have taken pictures but I left the camera at home. We brought home 25 pints and the 5 quarts. It was fun but exhausting.  We’re looking forward to using the tomatoes through the winter. I’m keeping track of how long they last so I can plan how much to can for next year!

4. I am typing up this blog post using Live Writer 2012 on my newly refurbished Sony VAIO.  About a year ago or so (it’s been so long, I’ve forgotten!) the hard drive failed. We were able to save the data ~ pictures, files, e-books, etc. ~ that I wanted and we made do (painfully so!)with just the Acer laptop and the desktop.  We were finally able to squirrel away the money for a new hard drive and some windows 7 software.  It’s strange to have it so devoid of “factory pre-set loaded junk-I–don’t-want-anyway” software. I have my beloved snipping tool and my sticky notes.  And lots and lots of space.  1 terabyte.  WOW!

5. College Orientation began this week for my oldest. I am so excited and happy for her and so full of mixed emotions for myself! Her classes begin on Monday and this weekend is very full of lots of activities.  We haven’t seen much of her and won’t see much of her for awhile.  They grow up so fast.

The Pebble Pond

Come join us over at the Pebble Pond for this week’s Edition of Random 5 on Friday!


  1. Beautiful mountain pictures! It looks like your girls had a fabulous time.


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