Fall Means: Spiders!

One of the cool things about being a home school mom is getting to learn about things like spiders.  Cool spiders.  Not those ginormous black creepy things that get into my house and must be destroyed.  Nope I’m talking about the spiders that appear in the fall, graciously stay outside, but provide beautiful fall decorations.

Several years ago, we observed some of these spiders up close.  Closer than we wanted actually but still it was fascinating.  We stayed warm and dry on the inside of the house while we sat on the floor or leaned on the arm of the couch, and observed the intricate web created by a beautiful (but in a creepy way!) orb spider who made a web across our back door.  We even avoided the back door for several days so as to not disturb this creature.

This year two spiders have taken residence in our front yard.  They seem to like the bushes.  The sun was shining today and it was easy to see the spiders and their webs. The clouds began to roll in but BooBear managed to snap some pictures for me for this blog post!

Spider spinning web!

A close up a spider but can't see the web.


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