Random 5 on Friday ~ October 18th Edition


1. The handle on the “trunk” part of the van broke.  Now we can’t open the back part which is really really really making things difficult.  We’re not sure if it can be repaired and we’ll have to wait until we have funds to get it checked out.

Honeybear pulls handle all the way off the van trunk!

2.  Quote of the Day Week: “Mama your hair is turning white. It’s trying to get you old.”  I’m glad that it’s my hair that’s trying to get me old and not the fact that I’m actually in my mid-40’s.  Whew!  Good thing that age isn’t what gets you old; it’s your graying hair. Supergirl is just too cute!

Supergirl and Tailorbear looking super cute!


3. The Government Shutdown officially ended this week.  Somehow though I think this is really only the beginning of the nightmare and I’m planning on another shutdown/furlough happening when the government runs out of money again in January.

4. My voice hurts this week from all the reading aloud I’ve been doing for Supergirl. We’re having a blast though learning about Mexico and Matter (social studies and Science, yes reviews coming soon!)

5. My favorite pickles are the ones from Claussen.  Kosher Dill spears and halves and sandwich slices.  I’d take a picture but I’ve eaten all the pickles.  I have pickles on my grocery list because they’re on sale at Safeway this week.



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  1. My 5 year old informed me that I wasn't getting old, but just had old hairs! Nothing like children to put "aging" in perspective!

  2. Alyssa LOVES pickles. She could live on them!

  3. Mexico and Matter...sounds like we have the same reading list :)


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