A New Way to Practice Language Arts: IXL {Crew Review}

During a previous Schoolhouse Review Crew Year, we reviewed an online math resource from IXL.com.  Recently IXL has expanded the website and now in addition to Online Math Membership, they offer an Online Language Arts Membership. The Math Skills portion now covers topics from PreK through Algebra 2 instead of grades Pre-K through 8th grade when I reviewed it.  The Language Arts component currently only offers skill practice for grades 2-4.  Because Supergirl loved IXL and I loved what it did for her, I expressed high interest in reviewing the Online Language Arts Membership.

IXL Logo

IXL.com generously provided a year long subscription to both the Math and Language Arts sections.  This review will focus on Language Arts Practice but you can read my IXL Math review for more information about math.  Be sure to check out the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog for reviews for both Math and the Language Arts!

What is it?  How does it work?

IXL.com is a subscription service (membership) so you can access your account from any computer with an internet connection. IXL provides practice or drill for hundreds of skills in both Math and Language Arts.  You can become a member to either subject or save on a bundle membership that includes both!  You choose a monthly plan of one subject for $9.95 per month or for $15.95 per month you can have access to all of it! Each additional child is only $2 more.  There is a yearly plan as well starting out at $79 per year for one child for one year.  Each additional child is only $20!

Once you have a log in set up you will set up a parent account and then set up a student account for each child. As part of the set up process you get to choose an avatar.  You can also choose whether or not a password is required for the student log-in. Let me show you what my daughter sees:

sign in screen shot IXL

She knows that she is the princess and clicks on Supergirl. I found it easy to navigate to the Language Arts Skills and find the list of 82 Skills available for 2nd grade. One of the things I really appreciate about IXL.com for both the Math and the Language Arts is that we have access to ALL the grade levels. For Language Arts though, we’ve stuck with 2nd grade skills but for math we’ve utilized both K and 1st grade skills.

IXL.com is not a curriculum per se but rather a tool or resource that a parent or teacher can utilize for practicing different skills. IXL.com does not teach the skills though if the student gets the wrong answer, she’ll be given the correct answer as well as information about the right answer.

IXL Wrong Answer 

Some of the features I really like are:

  • Reports ~ I get weekly update reports emailed directly.  I can also check reports including progress reports and state standards reports by logging in as Mom and visiting the Reports Tab.
  • Certificates of Achievement ~  These arrive by email and I can print them or save them to the computer.
  • In the Math Section I really like that for 1st grade and lower there is sound icon that Supergirl can click and have the problem and answers read to her. I do wish this would be added to more grade levels and to the Language Arts Section.
  • The Medals that appear on the side as your Smart Score increases.  Supergirl gets really excited about those and when you reach a score of 100 the screen changes and congratulates you on achieving mastery of that skill.

Thoughts from Supergirl:

“I like it. It’s hard. Language Arts makes me happy. I like words. I practice identifying nouns, pronouns and helping verbs.  I like getting the medals and seeing the Mastered Screen. I like in Math the reward boards.”

My Thoughts:

This is an enjoyable way to get more practice and review for hundreds of topics in Math and Language Arts.  The rewards are motivating and Supergirl has enjoyed the emails with the certificates.  We both wish though that the Language Arts part of IXL included the “game board” rewards like the Math section does.  Hopefully IXL will add that as they expand the LA section.  Overall, I am just as happy with the LA as I was with the Math when I was first introduced to IXL.

IXL.com Language Arts Graphic

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  1. I was interested in hearing more about the Language Arts side of IXL. Lauren's not a big fan of schoolwork done on the computer, but I may insist that she do some of the LA activities as well as the math practice.


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