Random 5 on Friday {November 1st Edition}

November? November?!!! Yes, I’m a bit shocked that November is starting. Time may fly when you are having fun but it races even faster when you’re busy or stressed. I missed last’s week edition.  But here goes: 5 Random Thoughts for this first edition in November.

1.  Honeybear had a follow up cardiology appointment. Tomorrow will be 4 months since his heart attack. It was not a nice appointment. Honeybear needs another heart catherization and this time the team plans on putting in a stent. This procedure is tentatively scheduled for next week.

2. Supergirl had an endocrine appointment. It went very well.  Her thyroid levels are right smack in the middle and the doctor is pleased with growing progress. I am so glad the doctor put her on thyroid medication. We do not have to go back for a year.

3. Do you read my blog posts and wish that you could be part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew?  Well the Crew is now accepting applications for the 2014 Crew Run. You can go here to read some testimony from current crew members (like me!) and you can go here to check out the application requirements. More information and the link for the application is here.

4. One Princess, one Rock Star, and 4 friends makes one fun Halloween Evening. We had 75 Trick or Treaters come to our door last night.  Down a little bit from last years 90 something but still fun to see the smiling faces and different costumes. Not pictured is Amy Pond and a Dr. Who alien that lives in the shadows.

Bears and Friends posing in costumes for Halloween 2013.


5. I’m leaving this afternoon to go attend a Women’s Retreat.  I am so looking forward to learning how to “Gaining the Perspective of Christ.”

The Pebble Pond

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  1. Can you believe the Crew year has come to an end!? Crazy. I hate that time in between wondering if I will be asked back next round. Eek!


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