G is for Goal Evaluation

Here we are in the last month of the year.  Time for me to think about the goals I set for myself in 2013.  Were they realistic?  Did I meet or exceed expectations? If I failed to accomplish the goal, why did it fail?  What could I do differently? 

One of the things I learned as the parent of a special needs child is that a goal should be measurable so that you can gauge whether or not you met the goal.  Over the years we’ve (therapists and I together) written many goals for Supergirl such as will open screw top container 4 out of 5 tries. 

I do not always succeed in writing goals with such specific outcomes but I did set out with a very measurable Reading Goal for 2013.  I re-evaluated the goal a few months into the year but I still haven’t come close.  I haven’t written a Reading Goals post since April.

I had a blog goal of posting an average of every other day.  Some months I did great.  Other months (oh like this month of December!) I fell short.  Sometimes it was because things happened (like June!) and sometimes it’s because it was so much harder for me (for whatever reason) to sit down and write a blog post.

I think losing my Tuesday night blogging time caused at least in part the problem with not blogging as frequently and regularly as I wanted.  BooBear had piano lessons every Tuesday night.  Her daddy took her and I stayed home and blogged.  Then in June she finished up her lessons.  Now she takes private lessons through the University and those are during the day while she is on campus.  I also used Sunday afternoons for blogging but it’s been months since I’ve actually set aside time on Sunday to blog for pleasure.

I even started out with good intentions this fall for participating weekly in the Blogging Through The Alphabet (Alphabet Blogging) but I am weeks behind the current letter over at Ben and Me. It’s ok though because I am going to keep plugging along, working at my own pace, and maybe I’ll eventually be on the same letter and start linking up again.

I had also planned to blog more about our baby steps to better health.  Great plans; good ideas; lousy follow through.

I don’t think I truly succeeded with any of my goals (expressed or in my heart) but I did read more books than I think I did last year.  I did eat healthier from June through now (I’ve even lost 15 lbs.!).

I need to think and ponder to be sure but my gut shouts that I failed to meet my goals because ultimately I failed to just DO IT.


  1. I often find that I set lofty goals at the beginning of the year and while I do not meet all of them, I feel pretty good about the ones I do!

  2. Setting goals is so important. I know that's something I need to do more of. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Goal setting is not one of my best skills, but I KNOW it's one I need to work on. Thanks so much for the reminder!


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