Still Looking For Gift Ideas? Fun Family Games!

We are a game loving family and part of our Christmas holiday tradition is playing games during the 12 days of Christmas. Dad takes time off from work and we have lovely days of sitting around munching food and playing games.  We do something similar at Thanksgiving as well. It’s also become a tradition that there is a least one new game under the tree.

With Christmas coming up fast [in just a few days!!] I thought I would share a list of games that we love, some of which have been Christmas presents.

Fun Family Game Suggestions for Christmas Gifts

  • Wits-n-Wagers Family Edition ~  We reviewed this one crew year and it quickly became a family favorite. 
  • Say Anything Family Edition ~ Like Wits-n-Wagers, this game is from NorthStar Games and we had the privilege of reviewing it for the crew. We can all play this as a family as well but we did have to modify it a bit in order to include Supergirl.
  • 10 Days Games  from Out of the Box: Engaging Games ~  We purchased these years ago, there are several. We have:
    • 10 Days in Africa ~  we loved this so much that we ended up purchasing more for Christmas the next year.
    • 10 Days in Europe ~10 Days in Asia
    • I’m adding 10 Days in USA and 10 Days in the Americas to my wish list
  • iMAgiNiff… I think Honeybear and I picked this up to give to the girls for Christmas several years ago. This game has no right or wrong answers and even Supergirl can play with us. We play with grandparents when they come to visit and we’ve even played it with friends.  It says ages 14+ but we’ve played with all ages.  We just remove “mature” or “inappropriate” questions. Our version is no longer available and it is no longer listed on the Buffalo Game site but I did find a different edition on Amazon.
  • Other game ideas (suggestions from my girls):
    • Apples to Apples
    • Mancala
    • TransAmerica (as well as TransEurope)
    • In A Pickle

Games are not just for fun!  When the girls were younger I included games in school.  Check out “Yes I Know It’s a Game. It’s still School.” blog post from earlier this year. You’ll find some game suggestions in that post as well.


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