N is for Novels {or What I plan to read in 2014}

I set some lofty reading goals for 2013 that I didn’t quite attain.  I ended up adjusting my reading challenge on Goodreads and managed to read 22 books.  I decided I want to be more intentional with reading so I’ve set my 2014 Reading Challenge to 40 books.  Knowing me, it will be mostly novels. 

My list of novels includes:

  • Meg Langslow Mysteries by Donna Andrews ~ I started reading these several years ago and read all of them up through 2008.  I discovered Ms. Andrews has continued to write more.  Currently I am reading Some Like It Hawk and I just picked up Duck the Halls.
  • Several historical novels by Sharon Kay Penman ~ She did a trilogy about Henry II and Eleanor. I’ve got book 1 on hold through interlibrary loan and book 2 is coming through paperback swap.  I’ll read book 3 from the library eventually.
  • The Hobbit
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy
  • Re-reading the Harry Potter Series

As I look over all the books that I want to read, I’m starting think that I may need to carve out more intentional reading time to read novels because my list of “want to read” far exceeds my 3 books a month (36 total) plus 4 (for a total of 40 read in 2014).This just covers novels.  It doesn’t even begin to address the non-fiction that I’ve been reading or hope to read.

A couple of my friends have posted a link to a Bingo Card based Reading Challenge.  It looks interesting and I’ve decided I want to try the “expert” level and fill out the whole card.  Maybe I can do it twice.

What are you planning to read in 2014?

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  1. I keep my "to-read" list on Goodreads and have yet to get that list under 100 books! I may have now added a few more! lol!

  2. I am not ambitious enough to plan that many books to read...I just read for enjoyment for the first time this week since...for ever. I've almost finished the Divergent series.

    1. When my girls were younger and we were using the lower level Sonlight Cores, I pretty much only read Sonlight books. They were good. But they weren't books that I was choosing just for my enjoyment. The last couple of years I've started reading more just for myself.

  3. Aha! A book lover! I too have a goal. I was amazed that I surpassed my 100 books goal on Goodreads and finished 2013 at 142. But this year is going to be so much more full with blogging and homeschooling reviews that I am doubtful I will do that again...but I've set 100 as my goal again! I re-read the Hunger Games triology myself in 2013 AND the LOTR triology. This year I'm going for adding more non-fiction. Those always take longer because I can't just fly over the sentences like I can with fiction. So we'll see how it goes!


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