Random 5 on Friday {First Edition of 2014!}

It’s the first Friday of a brand new year!

1.  The girls went to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.   We were planning for the whole family to see the movie together however, the spider scenes will be too much for Supergirl.  Think Honeybear and I will go to see The Hobbit and then maybe the whole family will go see Frozen some other time.

2. Day 2 of J-Term (itty bitty short but intense term between Fall and Spring term.) and I am exhausted.  You’d think I was taking the class.  All I’m doing is driving Honeybear to work, coming home, driving BooBear to campus, coming home, Going to pick up Honeybear and then picking up BooBear.  Oh wait.  That’s why I’m exhausted.

3. I thought that since I will be driving 4 days a week every week during January that it would be a great way to get an extra book “read.”  I downloaded an audio book from the library and put it on CD.  It worked great yesterday.  Today, however the cd player in the van has decided not to work.  I’m already 5 chapters into the book! 

4.  We had a nice, but quiet, New Year’s Eve.  I made Buffalo Wings (I’m working on a recipe post!) and we watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special: “The Time of the Doctor.”

Photo of home made Buffalo Wings

5.  This week the Schoolhouse Review Crew starts back.  I’m looking forward to another great year trying out new products and writing reviews.

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  1. My family loves Doctor Who.. My son had to ask for all Doctor Who stuff for Christmas this year.. He's 14 :) Loved reading your post.. Happy New Year


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