My Favorite Afternoon Beverage: Tea

I’m a coffee in the morning person but I’m not a coffee in the afternoon person. Nope. Maybe it’s because I did a study abroad in England while in college and feel in love with “real tea”.  (That Lipton tea is not not not not real tea in my opinion!)  One of my favorite memories of my time in England was the tea break during our 2 hour Tues/Thurs afternoon class.

Favorite Anything Afternoon Drink Tea

Class started at 2pm and promptly at 3pm we would have our tea break.  The tea lady pushed a small cart containing a tea pot, cups and biscuits.  For 10p (pence) you could get a nice cup of tea.  For 10p more you could get a biscuit or two to go with it. On Mondays and Wednesdays I would get a cup of tea in the afternoon at the commons. And on days off and week-ends I would enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon when studying.

When the girls were young we had “tea time” in the afternoon.  I, of course, had real tea with milk and sugar and they usually had juice.  During this time I would read to them.  Now anytime after 2 but usually before 4, I will enjoy a cup of tea while I write blog posts or finish up school with Supergirl.  My favorites are English Breakfast or the more basic “British Blend” from Tetley.  I also enjoy Irish Breakfast and Earl Grey.

This afternoon I’ll have be having tea time with some friends at a local English Bistro.  The couple who own the shop are English emigrants.  I love the shop because I can get Jelly Babies (think Doctor Who’s 4th Doctor, Tom Baker) or I can buy tea to bring home to brew myself.  I usually bring home a lemon mini-vicki from the bakery section.

Do you have an afternoon tradition? Do you have a favorite afternoon drink? I’d love to hear what you like to drink in the afternoon!

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  1. My girls have always been fans of "tea parties" as they grew up. :-)


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