A Random Five {Yes, on Saturday!}

Not only am I doing this on a Saturday instead of a Friday but it’s getting to be late on a Saturday. 

1.  Today is the first of March.  March.  Already?  I am fairly certain the countdown has begun for my daughter.  Her birthday is in 19 days.

2.  When person who is about the size of a 6-7 year old with a mental capacity around that same age puts her little hands on her hips, stomps her foot, declares that she doesn’t belong in the family and that she is NOT the drama queen, it’s impossible to not laugh. Nope she’s not the drama queen.  Me thinks she doesn’t yet understand what the title means.

3.  The same little person has reached a stage of development that she wants to be “just like mama.”   Giggling, with an ear to ear grin, she states:  “I can’t go potty, Mama.  Just like you.”  Um, I had a bladder infection.  She just thought it would be fun to pretend so that she could be like mom.  Another example?  She had to wrap her towel around her the way *I* wrap the towel around me not the way I usually wrap her.  Because “I want to be like you Mommy.”   It’s sweet but I think I better model some better behavior for her to mimic.

4. My husband has a beard.  He pretty much gave up being “clean shaven” when he left the military. He’s been hinting that he wants to get rid of the beard.  He bought a new electric razor today. I think he’s going through a mid-life crisis as he also ordered contacts.  No beard?  No glasses?  How will I recognize my husband?

5. Tomorrow is Cheesefare Sunday.  We made chocolate cheesecake.  You’ll have to come back tomorrow to read my Favorite Anything post where I talk about my favorite cheesecake recipe.

The Pebble Pond

Come join us over at the Pebble Pond for this week’s Edition of Random 5 on Friday!


  1. When my Dh cut his hair from long to short, I teased him that it was like having a new man :)
    Your daughter is so cute!


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