Remembering Disney World ~ Think Back Thursday

I haven’t done any kind of think back (or throw back if you prefer) Thursday kind of post in months, perhaps over a year!  But I was trying to find something on one of the thumb drives and I found our Disney pictures from November of 2008.

Supergirl has a life threatening heart condition.  (Life threatening does not mean terminal.  Many people think that wishes are granted only to children with terminal illnesses.  This is not true.) In April of 2008, Supergirl’s cardiologist recommended her for the Make-A-Wish program.  She wished to go to Disney World (yes that’s the one in Florida!) and meet Buzz Lightyear.

It was a memorable trip and she still talks about it!  It’s also been wonderful for me to look back at these pictures and see how much this tiny little thing has grown. So here’s a a few of pictures from that memory making family vacation.

Waiting for our plane to board to take us to Florida

Meeting Mickey and Minnie

Meeting Buzz Lightyear at Disney World

The Girls meet Eeyore at Disney World

Our Make-A-Wish trip to Orlando, Florida included 1 free day pass to SeaWorld in addition to our Park Hopper Passes to Disney World.

We even got to visit SeaWorld

In addition to being a Think Back Thursday type of post, this post is also a Thankful Thursday post.  I am forever grateful to the volunteers and supports of Make-A-Wish for the incredible vacation they provided us.  We all treasure the memories.

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me.  Do you have a memory that you are thankful for?


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