Random 5 on Friday! {April 4th Edition}

I think the Random 5 Meme hosted by Miranda at The Pebble Pond is my favorite weekly meme.  Well other than my own Favorite Anything of course.  I have a few others that I enjoy but it seems like apart from my own, this one is the one I post with the most consistency

1.  As I type this up there is beautiful sunshine pouring into my kitchen through the skylight.  My daughter just sent me a text message. It’s a photo of tree in bloom on the college campus.  She typed one word: “Spring!”  Ah, spring is here! That means May is coming and May is my favorite month of the year!

2.  Tailorbear’s “real” glasses finally came in.  I didn’t think Turtlegirl would need glasses and technically she doesn’t.  The optometrist said that glasses might make a difference with her migraines and they might not.  It was up to us if we wanted to try. We decided to give it a try and we’re waiting for her new glasses to arrive. 

3.  I love the literature based approach to learning especially for history.  On Monday Supergirl and I will begin studying Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History. We’re reviewing the digital version. I put some suggested books on hold from the library and I’ll be spending time this weekend looking over some of the resources and activities for the first unit.

4.  My “Want to Read” pile is growing much faster than my “finished reading” pile.  I only finished one book in March but I read every day even if it was only a page.  I am still plugging away at When Christ and His Saints Slept and Mansfield Park. I think I’m starting Murder on the Orient Express this weekend.

5. It feels weird to not include any pictures in this post.  Maybe I should just find a random picture.  Maybe I’ll just always make #5 a Random Picture?  Ok. Ok.  Here’s a picture.  It’s from late fall.  Turtlegirl reading to Supergirl.

Sisters reading and enjoying a book together. Circling Through This Life

The Pebble Pond

Come join us over at the Pebble Pond for this week’s Edition of Random 5 on Friday!


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