The Wise Woman Literary Analysis Journal {Crew Review}

Reading and analyzing literature is a required part of high school English here in my home school. I’m always looking for products that make it easy to develop those skills. Several months ago, I became aware of Home School Adventure Co. but did not know about The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Questions until it was offered as one of four choices for review through the Schoolhouse Review Crew. 

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Description of The Wise Woman (from Turtlegirl):

For each chapter, there are approximately 20 questions. Some have less, such as 15-19, others have more like 23-27. The questions range from helping you relate the story to yourself, simple “what prevents Agnes from coveting?” type questions, and deep analysis questions like "What did MacDonald imply by the statement, ‘Prince did his best to let her know that until she could obey herself, she must obey him?'”

There is no need to purchase a separate copy of the book The Wise Woman by George Macdonald.  Mrs. Farrell has included the book in this literary analysis journal.  There are 14 chapters.  Each chapter begins with reading the The Wise Woman and is followed by the literary analysis questions.  There are no answers, however.  I would have loved an answer key for the questions that are strictly reading comprehension questions and as a guide for discussing the other analytical type questions.  In the back you will find a section for vocabulary.  I do wish the vocabulary would have been distributed through out the chapters and with the questions but I am glad that vocabulary is included. 

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Our Experience With The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Questions:

Turtlegirl had read the book The Wise Woman by George MacDonald and she was thrilled with the idea of reading it again while doing an an analysis of the story. We received the eBook (PDF) version.  It is also available in a spiral bound print version.

I chose to have Turtlegirl use this independently rather than as a read aloud/discussion because she is in high school and I wanted her to think through her answers and formulate a written response. She used a spiral notebook to record her responses.  Sometimes she would simply write “discuss with mom.” 

We set aside her other English work and this became her English class assignment.  She worked 4-5 days a week completing about 2 chapters a week, sometimes 2 1/2 to 3.  She is nearly finished with the study.

Though she was working independently, I liked discussing a couple of chapters or so at time.  Usually this would be our tea time and we’d sit together at the table with the PDF open on the computer and her notebook open.  I would quickly read through the questions and answers and a pick a few to discuss.  Sometimes  I would just read the question and she would read back her answer. 

This worked well for us but if I had more than one high school student using the program at the same time I would have them work independently but have all of us discuss it together. I do think that this would make an excellent family read aloud.

Turtlegirl Shares Her Thoughts:

I am really enjoying this. I love this story, and I also love analyzing my favorite stories. All of the questions have been relevant and thought provoking, such as 'Why do you think the princess responded better to terror than kindness?" and "Is there a difference between being kind and being nice?" I love how the questions are phrased. I also enjoy that the questions don't have a right or wrong answer. They're designed to make you think about the story and how it relates to real life.

Wise Woman Literary Analysis from Home School Adventure


The Details:

  • The Vender:  Home School Adventure Co.
  • The Product: The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions
  • The Author: Stacy Farrell wrote the Literary Analysis Journal Questions for The Wise Woman written by George MacDonald.
  • Format: We reviewed the digital download version.  A printed version is also available.
  • Age Range:  For Ages 12 and up however this can be used as a family read-aloud and discussion with children ages 9 and up.  High School students can complete this on their own.
  • Price:  EBOOK download: $14.95
  • NOTE: Home School Adventure Co. is offering a promotion code for $10 off any download purchase.  Use code CREW-10  Offer expires May 15, 2014.

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