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When you invest money in a device such as a Kindle Fire HDX or iPad mini, you want to protect that investment, right? Trident Case has covers for many different tablets and smart phones. I received a KRAKEN A.M.S. case for Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7.

So what exactly is this protective cover from Trident? It’s a study 3 piece case with two pieces forming the solid exterior made of hardened polycarbonate and a silicone interior piece.  The interior piece feels soft and rubbery. It is non-slippery. It grips your device so that it doesn’t slide around at all.

The case is form fitting. This means that each KRAKEN case is made for a specific device type. The case I have for my Kindle will not work for the other types of Kindles and it will not work for iPads or NOOKs either (though if you have those types of tablets, Trident Case has covers for those as well). The cases are clearly designed for the specific device labeled; the openings for headphones, charger and speakers are right where they are supposed to be on my Kindle. The silicone interior is designed so that you can still use the power and volume control buttons.

The KRAKEN A.M.S case for Kindle is available in 7 colors: black, gray, blue, pink, red  green or white. I choose the gray cover and I like how it looks on the black Kindle.  The exterior pieces are gray but the interior piece is black which gives a pleasing accent to the case.

Getting the case onto the device though was not nearly as easy as picking a color.  I did feel very foolish when trying to open the case. I could not figure it out. I am a new Kindle owner and this is the first time I’ve had a case like this. I was afraid I was going to break the case just getting it open! There are no instructions on the box or in the box to help me figure out how to get the case apart. Putting my device in the case was easier but the first time I tried I could not get it snap shut properly.  I had inserted the case into the back and then tried to snap on the front piece.  This is backwards.  After putting the interior piece on the device put the front piece on and then you can snap the back into place. This video is not for the Kindle device (and my case does not open that easily at all and I’ve been practicing!) but it does demonstrate the order of steps.


These are very strong, sturdy cases with a built in screen protector. The polycarbonate exterior is very light but the silicone interior is heavy.  Together the case makes the Kindle very heavy. I love the strength of the case but not so much the heaviness. Turtlegirl said her hand got tired from holding it but that it was ok if she was laying on her stomach and had the device on her bed.  Or I could just invest in the stand accessory which I think looks really cool and doubles as a handle.

I think my favorite feature is the screen protector. I have a few cookbooks on Kindle and a few PDF recipes and I always run back to the computer to check a recipe because I don’t want to risk the Kindle in the kitchen.  With the KRAKEN case from Trident though I have been keeping the Kindle Fire right on the counter when cooking.

My daughter, Tailorbear, can be very rough on things. She said she liked the case because it felt strong and she wasn’t so afraid she would break the Kindle.  If you knew her, you would understand what a big deal that statement is: the Trident case is strong enough and sturdy enough to help her feel comfortable using the Kindle Fire. And I feel more comfortable letting both Tailorbear and Supergirl use, handle, and carry the tablet.

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The Details:

  • The Vender:  Trident Case
  • The Product: KRAKEN A.M.S. case for Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7  
  • Age Range: These covers are for all ages.  Some device covers have more kid friendly designs and some covers will appeal more to adults but the covers can be used by all ages.
  • Price: $59.95
  • Also Available: Cases are available for different e-readers, tablets, and smartphones!
  • NOTE:  This device is specifically designed for the Kindle Fire HDX 7 and will not properly fit any of the other Kindle or Kindle Fire devices.

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  1. I've owned many different cases through the years for our tablets, and I had a very hard time getting this case on my Kindle too. I love how sturdy it is and how well made it is. It definitely protects our Kindle, but it's not one of those case that you're going to take on and off with ease. Great review.


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