Random 5 {May 16th Edition}

I think I’ve skipped a couple of weeks.  Oops.

1.  Today is May 16th. Thinking of my grandfather, my father’s father today.  Yesterday was the anniversary of the passing of my grandmother (my father’s mother.)  I remember telling my mom that I think Grandma chose to go when she did so that she could celebrate Poppy’s birthday with him.  No my theology doesn’t really support that idea but I find it comforting anyway.

2.  Boobear is finishing up her first year of college.  She has finals next week.  Though she’s still “living at home” she really hasn’t been around much so having her home all day during the summer will be an adjustment.

3.  I’ve said this about a million times (ok maybe not that many times) but May is my favorite month of the year here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  The weather this week has been “hot” as in we’ve hit upper 70’s (the house hit almost 80 degrees yesterday).  The sun shines, it’s not really too hot but plenty warm.  Just gorgeous!

4.  I did not get pictures this year so I’ll just substitute an old picture but the rhododendron bushes are in bloom.  Well the first one with the more pink flowers is on the dying side. The flowers part not the bush.  The red one is still in full bloom.  This means lots of bumble bees and other bees.


5.  We keep talking about a garden but I’m not certain we’ll actually get one done this year.  I do hope so.  I enjoyed it last year.

The Pebble Pond

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  1. my boy would have a lot of fun watching the bees on your bushes. :)

    annette @ a net in time (http://anetintimeschooling.weebly.com/a-net-in-time-blog)

  2. May is one of my favorite months as well. The weather has been pretty great! We do need rain where I live though.


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