F is for Five Random Thoughts on Friday

Did you see what I did with that title?  I really want to participate in Miranda’s Random Five on Friday and I also really want to participate in Marcy’s Alphabet Blogging!

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1.  I missed the Letter E.  Don’t worry I’m working on an E post.  It just won’t post in the right order.  I really was striving to not miss a single letter during this round but life happens.

2.  I was going to blog on June 2nd about it being one year since my husband’s heart attack.  I could still blog about it right?  Just for now it is sufficient to remember how scared I was.  How scared my children were and how God ministered to us through the Body of our church. I filled with gratitude when I remember the phone calls, the visits, the meals, the support, the love and the caring, the prayers.

3.  I just had what feels like a flood of crew reviews!  I’m going to link them here in case you missed them.  (I have one more posting next week. Learning Wrap Ups including Learning Palette.  Supergirl has really loved that Palette!)

4. Tailorbear is really excited because she is having a sleep over tonight. I am really excited because we’re ordering pizza and I don’t have to cook.

5. This weekend is Pentecost! Since becoming Orthodox Pentecost has become a big deal to me.  I never celebrated Pentecost as a protestant. It wasn’t a big deal for me growing up Catholic in that I don’t remember anything special.  My parish will have a big BBQ picnic on Sunday after the services. We are really looking forward to it.  Pentecost is a big deal because it is the birth of the Church. This is when the Holy Spirit came down. Jesus ascended into Heaven and sent down the Comforter and Christianity was born. Supergirl likes Pentecost because the priests and deacons wear green vestments. 

The Troparion (in the 8th Tone)

Blessed art You O Christ Our God
You have revealed the fishermen as most wise
By sending down upon them the Holy Spirit
Through them You drew the world into Your net
O Lover of Man, Glory to You!

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  1. I combined my alphabet post with First Day this week! ;-) So glad that you are able to celebrate that your husband's heart attack is a year past and that God provided healing, and help when you needed it.


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