Five Random Letter G Related Thoughts

This week’s addition of Random 5 on Friday is brought to you by the Letter G.  Last week I combined Random Five on Friday with the Letter F.  I’m combining Random Five and Alphabet Blogging Again this week.

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1.  Garden ~  We won’t be having one this year.  Partly because we were busy this spring and didn’t get some of the prep work done that we wanted to do.  Partly because we weren’t sure it was a good idea to have a garden right next to the house when we would have people pressure washing the roof and more people coming to pain the house.  After seeing how much moss and junk came down this week with the roof washing, I’m rather thankful we didn’t have the garden started.

2.  Grumpy Girls ~  I miss my Giggly Girls.  They seem to have been replaced lately with Grumpy Girls. I will be happy if I never ever hear the words, “she started it.”

3.  Gravy~  As in biscuits and gravy. I wasn’t raised in the South.  My daddy was raised in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. He grew up eating a lot of biscuits with gravy, grits and cornbread. I distinctly remember my mom making country fried steak and mashed potatoes and gravy.  She also always made biscuits to go with it. Dad liked to put his gravy over everything.  I preferred the gravy to not come anywhere near my biscuit.  Oh I liked gravy. I just thought it belonged with meat and potatoes not my biscuit. Some how or another I developed a fondness for biscuits smothered with bacon gravy or sausage gravy.  This morning (Fast Free Friday!) we had bacon gravy with homemade drop biscuits. One of my fondest memories is making biscuits and gravy with my grandmother.  This is not a childhood memory.  This was 10 years ago when I took my husband and children to grandma’s for a vacation.  She wasn’t sure I could make gravy having been raised in the upper mid-west.  I am pleased that my gravy passed the test.

4. Gratitude ~ I’m grateful for my oldest daughter.  Well I’m grateful for all of them but I’m expressing my gratitude this week because my oldest daughter will turn 19 later this week.  I’m so grateful that she’s my daughter and I’m grateful to be mom.

5. Giving ~  Giving, almsgiving specifically, is a part of the Fasting Season.  Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.  Monday starts the Apostle’s Fast and though it is not nearly as long or as strict as Great Lent, it is another opportunity for giving.


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