Learning is so much fun with Learning Wrap-ups! {Review}

Many years ago when the girls were young. I had heard of Learning Wrap-ups.  We even had a shapes one and an alphabet one. I was also aware that they had created Learning Palettes but by then the three big girls were beyond them and I put them out of my mind.

Thanks to the Schoolhouse Review Crew Supergirl has been using 1st Grade Math Learning Palette 1 Base Center Kit and 1st Grade Reading 1 Base Center Kit along with LearningPalette.com, an online version which access to all the levels for one price! Learning Wrap Ups Review at Circling Through This Life

Learning Palette Products

Let me start with a brief overview of the Learning Palette and then I’ll share about the two kits we received and do a brief comparison with the online version. The heart of the Learning Palette is, of course, the base.  Measuring approximately 12 inches in diameter, this circular base does resemble an artist’s palette.  There are 12 disks in six colors that fit perfectly into the 12 divots. Each of the six colors have one solid disk or chip and one more doughnut shape. 

I was a little worried about losing the pieces but the base comes with a plastic cover held in place by a screw on cap.  Another neat little thing that I really liked is that there are two pegs for holding the curriculum cards.  This means that cards can only be inserted one way.  I thought this was a clever way to ensure that the cards would always line up. 

There are cards for Math and for Reading. The cards are self correcting with questions on one side and answers on the other. In addition to showing which disc you should have used, you will see written answers. For most students these Learning Palettes will provide hours of independent studying!

The Kits we received arrived in reusable velcro-sealed bags containing one base and all the curriculum packs for that level. Each curriculum pack contains 12 cards. The case even has a handle for ease of carrying around the house.

1st Grade Math Learning Palette 1 Base Center Kit 

The math kit ($71.99) comes with 6 curriculum packs.

  • Numeration Step 1 - Numbers 0-10 Intro to Addition and Subtraction
  • Numeration Step 2 - Numbers 0-100
  • Numeration Step 3 – Money, Simple Fractions, Addition & Subtraction with sums and differences through 18
  • Algebra Concepts
  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Probability and Statistics

1st Grade Reading 1 Base Center Kit

The reading kit ($61.99)comes with 5 curriculum packs.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives
  • Vocabulary
  • Phonics
  • Blends and Digraphs

Supergirl loved them! She says that they are fun.  “I could do some of them by myself but sometimes I needed a helper like mom or one of my sisters. I also really liked the computer one because I liked seeing all the green check marks when I got them right.”

We used these a couple of times a week and I always chose 2 to 3 cards from Math and 2 to 3 cards from Reading. One day I had pulled out a few cards for the Learning Palette but we didn’t get to them so I stored them right on the palette.  The next day it was already pre-loaded.  I decided that I would “pre-load” the palette each night.  When she completed a card she could pull it off and put it to the side and I would know it was done. I really liked pre-loading it for her.


Supergirl struggled more with first grade reading topics than with first grade math topics.  Because of her gaps in skills I was thrilled that we were also given the online version of Learning Palette. For one price ($60) you can have up to 5 student accounts. Each student would have access to all the levels of both Math and Reading. For Math the levels are listed as Basic, Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Reading has Basic and then Levels 1, 2, 3.

Learning Palette from Learning Wrap Ups review at Circling Through This Life

I pulled out my physical cards and compared them to the online version and they are exactly the same.  So what you see on the online version is what you would get if you purchased the curriculum pack.

For us I loved having both the physical and online version. On the days that we did not use the physical product, she worked on the online version but she worked on the K (they call it Basic) level.  This allowed me to target the gaps in her skills.  I think the online version is very affordable if you have a student like Supergirl whose skills are all over the map. With the online version she can work at any level so if she masters a skill at the 1st grade level, she can move on to work the skill at the 2nd grade level.

Reading Basic 1 Rhyming

Learning Wrap-ups Products:

Learning Wrap-ups are an educational tool that adds as a hands-on component to learning. We received four different products.  Mostly Turtlegirl and Tailorbear used these.

Each Wrap-Up contains 10 individual key shaped pieces linked together. The keys fan out so that you can wrap one at a time.  A string is connected through the bolt linking the keys. You start on the left hand side wrap across to the answer, wrap the string under and come back to the left side for the next “question.”  These are self-correcting. There are outlines on the back of each key.  If you have wrapped it correctly the string will cover the lines.

Math Wrap Ups

Learning Wrap up Math Intro Kit w/o CDs ($44.99)(for anybody ready to learn math facts or wanting to review math facts) includes 5 different Wrap-ups:  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Fractions. I love the Fraction Wrap Up. The first few start with pictures matched to the fraction continues to reducing fractions, includes adding fractions and ends with matching the fraction to the decimal equivalent.  Tailorbear is struggling a bit with fractions in her algebra work and we’re using this to brush up on some fractions.  Using the Wrap-ups is quite difficult for Supergirl but with a bit of assistance she is able to do the +1 facts key.

Turtlegirl (age 16) has been using 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery Wrap up and Book Combo ($12.99) to brush up on her multiplication facts. She’d mastered them years ago but she felt a refresher would help eliminate some of those pesky little mistakes in her Algebra 2 work.  She said "I loved the 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery workbook. Coloring in the chart gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. I also loved the emphasis on the commutative property in the book. I really enjoyed working through the book and I was kind of sad when I was done, but I felt like I had really accomplished something.”  The 10 Days to Multiplication Mastery Student Workbook is available separately for $4.99 for those who already have the Multiplication Wrap-up.

Turtlegirl works on 10 Days Multiplication Mastery

I was really hoping that there would be more practice worksheets in the 10 Steps to Addition Mastery Wrap up and Book Combo ($12.99).  Supergirl needs lots and lots of time and practice to master her math facts. We haven’t mastered Step 1 yet because she is still working learning the +2 facts. Learning Wrap-ups provides a fun way to practice and drill these facts.

Tailorbear (age 15) and Turtlegirl (age 16) used the Learning Wrap up Vocabulary Intro Kit ($35.99).  Sometimes they would just work them alone but a couple of times I encouraged them to work them aloud so that Supergirl would benefit. Setting aside the fine motor difficulties she has, Supergirl would still find the vocabulary to be bit too difficult for her.  Tailorbear, Turtlegirl and I all found that the Compound Words Wrap-up was, to quote Turtlegirl, “ more of a mental workout than a vocabulary exercise.” I found it be like a logic puzzle as I sorted out which word I was supposed to pick.  Sideboard?  No Sideways.  Hairband?  No. Toothbrush? No. Hairbrush and Toothpaste. Tailorbear said that homonyms was her favorite and that she did learn something from all four Vocabulary Wrap-ups.  My vocabulary kit also included a reproducible Vocabulary Builder booklet.  I’d recommend these Wrap-ups for grades 3-4 and up.

Tailorbear uses a Vocabulary Wrap Up

I love that the Palettes and the Wrap-ups are portable.  That means that we can take them with on long drives or to boring doctor office visits with long waits. In addition to the products we received there are Learning Wrap-ups for music, Spanish, science and geography too! They even have a special section just for Homeschool Products! Learning Wrap-up logo for review at Circling Through This Life

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