My Favorite Breakfast Meat ~ Bacon and an Easy Way to Cook it!

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is not normally a day of bacon eating here but it happens to be a Fast Free Week (specifically Trinity Week, which follows Pentecost) which means we can eat meat and dairy. So of course we had bacon and eggs for breakfast. (Orthodox Christians traditionally fast on Wednesdays and Fridays.)

Bacon may be my favorite breakfast meat but I certainly don’t limit myself to eating it only for breakfast.  I don’t dislike sausage or ham.  I’ve even been known to eat the questionable Spam for breakfast. But bacon? Well, bacon is in a category all its own.

I can eat bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  All on the same day, too!  But I usually refrain from eating that much bacon in day.  It’s too expensive and I think spreading it out helps me to savor it more.

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I want to share how we cook bacon here and then share some ideas for using bacon. Once upon a long time ago I would buy the ready cook bacon in the ginormous package from Costco. It certainly made it convenient for use in sandwiches or a quick add on to a week day breakfast but over the years I’ve realized too things:

1.  That bacon is really really expensive!

2.  That bacon isn’t nearly as good as taking almost any other package of bacon and cooking it yourself.  The ready cooked bacon is just so paper thin! 

My bacon cooking method isn’t unique. I think I might even have blogged about it before. It may not be unique but it is easy!

Preheat Oven to about 400 degrees. Line a shallow rimmed pan (such as a rimmed cookie sheet or jelly roll pan) with parchment paper (this helps with clean up!) and lay out your bacon in a single layer.  Bake until you’ve achieved desired crispness.  For us it’s around 20 minutes.  I love this method because the clean up is easy and no one has to stand at the stove top frying bacon.  It also means that I can cook extra bacon to freeze to have on hand.

Cooking Bacon in the Oven at Circling Through This Life

 So now you’ve cooked up some extra bacon, (did you cook extra right? you didn’t eat it all with your pancakes or eggs for breakfast.  I know it’s tempting to that.  I have to set bacon limits or I wouldn’t have “extra” for the freezer either!) but what do you do with it.  My latest favorite thing, which deserve a post all its own, is my super easy version of a BLT Salad.  Yes you have wait for the blog post.  Another fabulous way to eat that bacon is Stuffed Mushrooms. I have mentioned them on my blog but apparently I’ve not posted the recipe. Adding “blog Stuffed Mushroom recipe” to my to do list. So I’ve teased you a bit with suggestions without recipes, but I do have three recipes that I can share.  Just click on the picture to go the Recipe Blog Post!

Deluxe Potato Skins Recipe by Tess

  Pinnable Image for Breakfast Strata Recipe by Tess at Circling Through This Life

Pinable Image Cream Cheese and Bacon Scrambled Eggs Recipe by Tess at Circling Through This Life


***It seems as though I apparently can’t get it together enough to actually post a post on the day I plan to post it. I wanted this to post on Wednesday 6/11. *sigh*  Today is Thursday.  It’s still a bacon friendly day just not as big a deal as bacon on Wednesday when you’re Orthodox *****

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  1. I LOVE bacon! Any way we fix it, it's a favorite at our place. :-)

    I wrote a new "Favorites" post but didn't see a linky open, so I'll put my link here for now. My favorite country in Central America:


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