Nineteen is Still a Teen!

Today my “baby” turns 19.  I will be clinging all year long to the fact that technically she is still a teen.  Sure, she graduated from high school a year ago and she’s old enough to vote.  Yes, she’s a legal adult but 19 is still a teen and I intend to hold on to that!

Boobear said she can’t believe it’s a been a year since she graduated from high school.  I can’t believe it’s been nineteen years since I first held her in my arms.  I can’t believe I’ve raised a child to adulthood and we both survived!

Since this past weekend was FREE DAY at the state parks, we celebrated with a trip to a state park we’ve not been to before and we brought a picnic supper to enjoy.  The weather was cloudy in the morning so we didn’t really start our day until the afternoon and it was nice to see the sunshine for a little bit.

BooBear got to choose the park and she chose a park that had access to Puget Sound. Supergirl wanted to know if we were studying sea creatures for school since I insisted on reading aloud the sign telling us about this section of the sound.  Yes, everything does revolve around school for us.

We used the Kindle Fire HDX to snap some pictures.  Since it was also Father’s Day Weekend we grabbed some Father/Daughter shoots and I made this collage using the Facebook Layout option in Picmonkey:

Father's Day Collage

To get to the “beach” and down to the water’s edge you had to navigate through driftwood.  Not easy for some of us but we managed.

Driftwood at the beach

After we explored the beach area (the tide was coming in!) we rested by a picnic table and the girls found a caterpillar.

Caterpillar hiding under a picnic table

I particularly liked this picture.  It looks like a lake but trust me this is saltwater! It’s part of Puget Sound.  It doesn’t quite smell like the ocean proper but it also doesn’t smell like a lake either.  I think Puget Sound has a smell all its own.

One of the beaches in the South Puget Sound area

The girls had fun taking selfies together (and did you see those above each girl with her daddy?).

Saltwater Park Birthday Fun with the sisters!

It was a lovely day on Saturday spending time together as a family celebrating life and love.  Today was sweet and lovely too and this evening we’ll enjoy a family movie night and some cheesecake (no traditional birthday cake for BooBear!).

Happy 19th Birthday BooBear!


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