Random 5 on Friday! July 4th Edition

Short sweet and to the point today!

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1.   Today is July 4th!  If you are an American, Happy 4th of July.  Ok, ok.  Happy 4th of July to all those who have today as the 4th of July on their calendar but but Happy Independence Day to those who celebrate the 4th of July as a Holiday.

2.  So writing number 1 made me wonder about Old Calendar American Orthodox Christians. It’s a civil holiday so it is not on the Julian Calendar but the Julian calendar is really only used for religious observance right?  July 4th on the Julian Calendar is still 13 days away.  Logic dictates that being a civil holiday it is ok to celebrate it on the civil calendar date.  Sometimes I am thankful that we follow the revised calendar which currently matches up with the Gregorian Calendar.

3.  Three of my girls went to camp this week and came home yesterday.  No pictures though because I forgot to send a camera with them. Boobear went as a camp counselor  and the other two as campers.  The campers are already begging to be allowed to go next year.  Hmm days of peace and quiet for me, time with friends for them?  Yes, I think we could consider letting them go again.

4.  Did you see my post from yesterday about Jamming and Canning?  Today we did up 4 more jars of green beans.  These beans came from my favorite stand to buy cherries.  They are not my favorite stand for green beans. We’ll stick to buying cherries at the stand and buying green beans at the farmer’s market.  (I’m pictureless with the green beans too because they are in the canner and I’m not sure where the camera is.  I know where it isn’t.  It isn’t lost because the girls didn’t take it camp (see number 3 <grin> )

5.  Though we have very mild summers compared to most of the rest of the United States, we do get our “heat spells” and with a daughter with a heart condition we are much more careful about getting over heated.  Usually we set up the window AC in May and use it a couple of days a week for a couple of weeks and then it sits unused or nearly unused in June.  Well, we never got around to putting it in May but didn’t need it like we did last year.  We just put it in today.  (Yup July 4th) and oh man did I wish we had it this past Tuesday when temps outside pushed 90 degrees.  (That is very hot for us! We get beautiful summer days with temps in the 70s and into the 80s.) We do not have good ventilation or cross draft in the house so the house gets really warm and uncomfortable but is especially uncomfortable for Supergirl.

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