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I know today is already seven days into August.  (Say what??!!!  August?  No. No. No. I do not want summer to end. We’ve had some hot days but not so hot that I wish them away!)  Ahem where was I? Oh yes seven days in to August but it’s not too late! For what?  To join in on this really neat decluttering challenge that my friend issued.

Bethany is a minimalist already. This is is just one more great character quality that I admire about her.  She’s laid back, generous, has a great attitude when faced  with those bitter lemons of life, and on top of it all doesn’t allow things to take over her life. I could learn a lot from her.  Hey wait.  I’m supposed to the be the older woman. Oh well.  Anyway Bethany posted about the Minimalist Game on her blog, The Land of Curly Hair.

I decided to join her.

Play the Minimalist Game with Tess at Circling Through This Life and shout OUT with the clutter!

So What Is It? How Does It Work?

So there is this blog called The Minimalists and they encourage people to play the Minimalist Game. I think it of it as snowball decluttering.  You start small and it grows and grows.

On day one you get rid of one thing.  On day two you get rid of two things and so on until you get to day 31 and you get rid of 31 things.  Sets count as 1 thing. I added up all the items.  496.  If you follow the minimalist game you will get rid of 496 items at the end of the month!

I know we’re already up to August 8th and that means today is “get rid of eight things” but if you want to jump in and start from day one go for it. If you are like me and must follow the calendar you can play catch up. Since I am posting this so late in the day let’s start with tomorrow.  Through today, August 8th your would have gotten rid of a total of 36 items. I’m overwhelmed at the thought of 36 items plus nine more in one day so this is what I propose for those that want to jump in and get rid of 496 things by the end of August.  Do four catch up items a day plus the regular number of items for nine days.  So for 8/9 through and including 8/17 give, sell or donate 4 “catch up” items plus the number items for the day so for 8/12 you would give, donate or sell 4 items for catch up and then another 12 items because it’s the 12th day.

For of those of you with the amazing ability to just start and proceed for 30 to 31 days I admire you.

Oh and there is another option. It reminds me of Flylady.  Just jump in where we’re at.  Don’t try to catch up and don’t worry about starting at the beginning.  Just dive in.  Tomorrow is 8/9 so give away, sell, or donate nine items and proceed from there. This is the most sane option but I know me.  I’d have to play catch up or wait and start in September.

Each day that you get rid of stuff come to Circling Through This Life and tell me about it! Let’s encourage each other in our efforts to get OUT with the clutter. Let’s give away, donate or sell the stuff we don’t love, don’t use or don’t need anymore!

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  1. That is a great way to get rid of clutter and stuff! I'm not officially doing the challenge, but we have been busy getting stuff OUT of the house and garage. Today I decluttered and reorganized around my desks, and DH and the kids cleaned 4 trash bags worth of stuff out of the garage, plus found some things that we will give away or take to auction. My personal goal is to have my whole desk area decluttered, organized, and even pretty by the end of the month.

  2. This is great, Tess! Can't wait to hear how you do. We have spent the last few years clearing out our lives and it is so freeing!

  3. I'm working on decluttering now. It's not always getting rid of but finding a home for. There isn't a whole lot we have an "excess" of, but it's not well organized. I did a "40 Days-40 Bags" challenge for Lent one year. By the end I was physically nauseated at all the excess we had.

  4. I just borrowed a book from the library about getting rid of clutter. It starts with the mind set of really thinking about your "stuff" and why you hold on to it.


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