Planning: The High School Courses

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For the last three days I’ve talked about planning. When I plan, I start with determining my school calendar and then I begin figuring out my course of study.  Yesterday I talked about types of planners. Since I’m working through our course of study I have lots of curriculum on my mind.  Because we get to review so much great stuff we often set aside a  program and then come back to it. Some of the curriculum listed is “in progress” and we want to finish it.

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop Day 4 Planning the High School Courses

Turtlegirl’s Course of Study

  • Math:  She’ll finish up CTC Math Geometry and then go back to VideoText Algebra. She is nearly 1/2 way through both but might not finish both before the end of the year.  That’s OK. When all is said and done she’ll have 1 Credit Algebra 1 (already has that), 1 Credit Algebra 2 and 1 credit Geometry.
  • English: We’ll start with High School Essay Intensive from Institute for Excellence in Writing. We’ll also do some literature studies such as finishing up The Hunger Games Study Guide from Progeny Press
  • Social Studies: Sonlight Core 300 20th Century World History. Once we finish that we’ll switch back to Humanities.
  • Humanities:  We fell in love with Roman Roads Media and the Old Western Culture: The Greeks program. I want to finish world history and then we’ll dive right back into Ancient Greece!
  • Science: We set aside Chemistry to use Supercharged Science. Sadly our subscription will be ending but happily we can get back to High School Chemistry in Your Home.
  • Russian: Turtlegirl is still working on Russian with Mango Languages. Our subscription will end in January so she’ll be working hard to get as much done as can before then.
  • Latin: We fell in love with Latin when we reviewed First Form Latin a few years ago.  We’re nearly finished with Second Form Latin.  Then Turtlegirl would like to do Third Form Latin.

My high school girls ~ Planning their high school courses

Other Subjects we want to do:

This list is what I want to cover at some point with both Turtlegirl and Tailorbear though not sure of when Tailorbear would do them.

Tailorbear’s Proposed Course of Study:

  • Math: VideotText Algebra.  She’s about 1/3 of the way through the program.  When she is finished she’ll have two credits for math: Algebra I and Algebra 2.
  • Social studies: History:  Sonlight Core 100   I love Sonlight and we have used every level from Prek through 300!  I have not used Core 400 or Core 530 (or whatever it is now). Tailorbear has completed 1 semester but needs to finish the other.  After that she’s wanting to do British Middle Ages from Heritage History.
  • English: We’ll be receiving Fix It Grammar from IEW just in time to start the new school year (look for the review at the end of September). We’ll also be including literature studies such as Wise Woman study that Turtlegirl completed. I am also looking at Literature Studies from
  • Latin: She does not love Latin the way her older sister does so she’s just going to finish Second Form Latin and be done. (Turtlegirl intends to complete Third Form and possibly Fourth Form Latin before graduating.)
  • German: She wants to study German so we’ll stick with continuing Mango Languages for now and then see what we can find for the second half of the year.
  • Science: Biology, but I haven’t made a final decision about which program to use yet.  We own Apologia Biology 2ed. and we own the D.I.V.E CD.  Boobear and Turtlegirl used it but there is some possible science in the future with the review crew. If we do not review that we will use the D.I.V.E. program with the Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology as the spine text.

Do you have high school students?  What are you planning to use in your home school?

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