Random 5 on Friday ~ August 29th Edition

This is the last Friday in August.  I am very sad to see August end.  I’m sorry to see summer end.  I love summer. Spring is my favorite season but oh I do so love summer here in the Pacific Northwest.

1. Turtlegirl, Tailorbear and Boobear went camping two weeks ago.  They were with our Church.  Like last year they camped at Mt Rainer National Park and went hiking. Unlike last year, they did not have a camera so this picture is from last year.

Mount Rainer National Park August 2013

2. The grandparents arrived for a week long visit.  They drove out.  Yes DROVE.  2000 miles one way.  Usually they fly, but not this time.  They left a couple of days ago and we were already missing them as soon as the door had closed. While they were here we had fun playing games like Sequence, Farkle, TransEuropa, Clue and even the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary edition of Yahtzee. We fed ducks at the local park.  The husband, children, and grandparents made a day trip to Mount Rainer for a picnic. I stayed home and wrote out lesson plans. It was a good visit with lots of memory making moments.

3. Speaking of the grandparent visit the girls took selfies or rather I am told the correct term is ussies with the Kindle Fire. I’ve been saying for 19 years that Boobear looks like her grandmother. She finally believes me.

Boobear and Grandma

4. We start school on Monday.  I’ve blogged for 5 days as part of the Back To Homeschool Blog Hop. I think I might be ready to start on Monday. Though we won’t be doing a full day on Monday.  We’ll be doing some First Day Traditions like French Toast with bacon and taking pictures. I’ve created detailed lesson plans for the first quarter for Tailorbear and some rough “do what comes next” type plans for Turtlegirl. Don’t tell but I am still working on plans for Supergirl but I did print her Frozen themed student planner for her to use while I use my printed TOS Planner. I have to take things week by week with her plans.

Back to Homeschool August Blog Hop sidebar button

5.  The Schoolhouse Review Crew blog is now doing newsletters! You can subscribe to the Schoolhouse Review Crew and get two free planners!*

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I signed up this morning! (OK, I did it for the newsletters, I already have the planners.) I’m looking forward to seeing what pops up in my inbox!

What have you been up to this week? What does next week look like for you?  We’ll be busy with canning and school!

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  1. I am actually excited to see August end. I do NOT like winter at all but I do enjoy the Autumn months when I can throw open my windows and let the cool breeze in.

    1. If we didn't have such mild summers here, I think I would be happy to see August end. Growing up in Minnesota, my favorite month was September and then early October. Sunshine, cool breezes and gorgeous colors all over the trees. Thanks for stopping by!


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