Five Random Thoughts ~ September 26 Edition

I had every intention of posting these on Friday:  Five on Friday just has a better ring than Five on Saturday but if you read on you’ll understand why I delayed. <grin>

1. I skipped church on Sunday. I needed a mental break.  I love Divine Liturgy and attending is necessary for my spiritual health, but I had been going going going for so long. Sometimes I do miss church for health and often I will use that time to get caught up on grading or lesson planning or blogging.  Instead of working, I made a point of using that time to really get the break I needed.  I made some tea and grabbed my Kindle.  I read and I read for hours. I finished the book on my Kindle.  Finished a book of poems by Shel Silverstein and finished a section of Mere Christianity. By the time my family came home I was ready to get back to going going going.

The Twelfth Juror Cover Image Mere Christianity Cover Image Where the Sidewalk Ends Cover photo

2.  I learned that it is really important to carve out time to do something like just enjoy some tea and read a book. I don’t think it’s such a great idea to skip church on a regular basis to get that break so I’m looking at what I need to do make sure that I get something like that more frequently. I’m dreaming of Sunday afternoons where I can choose to just read all afternoon (after church) because all the school stuff and all the blogging stuff and all the house cleaning stuff and all the laundry stuff and all the other “this needs to be done now” life stuff is “reasonably caught up”  (in other words no looming Monday morning deadlines)

3.  I had a birthday this past week. My girls made a special breakfast for me.  My husband took me out to lunch.  That sounds so much better than it was.  We stopped at Burger King because we were out getting my driver’s license renewed.  My family made a special dinner for me and I got to watch the first two episodes of Broadchurch. It was a quiet day with my family letting me know I was loved.

Birthday Messages for Mama ~ Random Thoughts at Circling Through This Life

4.  My oldest daughter attended her first “not orchestra or piano related” concert. It was in a small not-quite local venue and featured 4 “metal” bands.  The headlining band is one of her favorites (or so I gather). She attended the concert with the son of my good friend. My good friend and I dropped them off and spent time in a pub that serves amazingly good food. It was a long night but the food was good and the company even better. My daughter had a great time.  I think my friend’s son had a great time, too.

5. The 2014 Schoolhouse Review Crew is winding down. The very last vendor list posted so all the vendors for 2014 have been assigned.  The last reviews will be posting in early November. If you’ve been reading my blog and wondering how you can be part of the Crew keep watching my blog (you can follow me any number of ways which are available on the sidebar) for more information about New Crew Applications.

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