Random Five on Friday ~ September 12th Edition

It’s been several weeks since I have done one of these so I guess I’ll just pick 5 random things from that last two or three weeks to share.

1.  Some of you may know that I love Duran Duran. I think I could write an entire blog post about them and about the music, but for now I’ll just that I very much enjoyed seeing the David Lynch Film: Duran Duran Unstaged. I’m not a really a fan of David Lynch.  Some of the effects though were really cool but many I could have done without and would have preferred to be able to have a clearer shot of what the band was actually doing.  Don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s ok. It was a one night only theater release. I’m hoping it will be on DVD. I want to put it on my wish list.

2.  I’ve been doing more canning this year than I have in the past.  We did strawberry jam (one session with friends, one of just us), raspberry jam (ok that was more of my girls), and with friends we did peaches, dill pickles, and dill relish.  Last Saturday we did tomatoes as a group and tomorrow my little canning club (that’s how I’ve come to think of my friends) will do tomatoes again. The girls, honeybear, and I also did a couple small batches of green beans and carrots. We want to do more green beans and more carrots.  I hope to do applesauce, either with my friends or with just my daughters.

Two of the Shelves full of canned goodness!

3. We had our First Day of School on Labor day.  So as of today we’ve completed two weeks. We’ve been using a Student Logbook with Turtlegirl. (Look for the review next week!) and I created a planner for Tailorbear. It does seem to help us stay on track and get more accomplished. School with Supergirl is not going as well.  I need to tweak the schedule and allow more flexibility. I had things come up last week and this week she was sick. Thank goodness for educational DVDs and hands on things like Learning Palette.

Tailorbear and Supergirl First Day of School

4. If you look only at the number of books I’ve read it looks like I’m not doing so well on my 2014 GoodReads Reading Challenge.  I’m two books behind schedule or something like that.  The truth is though that I did read When Christ and His Saints Slept and that is one huge book. I think it should count for 3, if not 4 books!  If the average book is 250-300 pages (give or take, more or less LOL) then I am not behind at all!

5.  BooBear started her sophomore year of college this week. She’s one busy girl with classes and music stuff and work. I wonder how much  time I will get to spend with her. Wait. I get to be with her tomorrow canning tomatoes.


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  1. You've got a bounty canned, good job! With apple season coming I hope to get some applesauce canned. Good luck with school next week!

  2. It was so fabulous to have you along for the movie. While I agree, I was definitely looking for a more linear, less special effects laden movie, it was still just about perfect :)

    I love canning with all y'all! Thank you!


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