U is for Uniforms: School Uniforms in the Homeschool

When I think of school uniforms I think of Catholic schools first and then I think of fancy, expensive private schools, like the ones out on the East coast or in England. Homeschool and school uniform should not be in the same sentence or should it?

If you home school, then like me you might be aware of the “home schooling mom’s uniform,” the denim jumper.  I don’t wear denim jumpers. I did try it out. I got over it. I have baked my own bread and I own a grain mill but that’s all beside the point.

As you can read I am easily distracted. I start out talking about school uniforms and I end up mentioning baking bread. My 15 year old daughter is also very easily distracted. We’ve been brainstorming ways to help her stay focused.

Wearing Special Clothes during Home School can help students stay focused. ~ Circling Through This Life

She wanted to try wearing a school uniform. Though purchasing a real uniform is not part of our budget plans, we were able to brainstorm some ideas and reach an acceptable option.  We thought a vest would be a good option.  She could wear whatever clothes she wanted and then when it was “school time” she could put on the vest.  School’s finished?  Take off the vest.

We didn’t have a vest but I found a lacey cover up (like a shrug but not a shrug because it’s longer) and she said that would work. But she wanted to take the idea further.

She has some nice skirts that she really likes but they are too dressy for every day. Unless of course they are part of your school “uniform”.  So she puts on a skirt,  a nice blouse and the the lacey overlay.  FlyLady would be proud because Tailorbear even puts on shoes!

Getting up, getting dressed and getting started right away has helped her to stay focused on working through her planned assignments. She still gets distracted by wandering over to you tube instead of working on her math but her attitude is focused.

There really is something about the idea of dressing for work, even if that work is “School work” and is completed at home. I know I am far more productive when I put on certain clothes and more inclined to get less done in other clothes. There are some skirts that I wear only when I intend to lounge.  I wear my jeans when I am serious about “getting stuff done.” 

Being able to distinguish between school time and non-school time is another advantage of home school uniforms.  I know that I tell myself we start around 9am and we need to be done for the day between 4 and 5pm (Yes there are lots of breaks but I am teaching high schoolers.  They need more time for academics now than they did when they were in elementary school and longer school days means little to no school work in the evenings and weekends.

Never mind the children, I need the distinction. I need the time to switch gears and “come home.”  I’ve really struggled with the fact that home schooling seems to eat up all my time: all day, into the evening and on weekends too. This leads to anger and resentment on my part as I see my family relaxing and I still have a long to do list. Seeing my daughter’s success with her home school uniform, I am considering some type of work uniform for myself.  I guarantee though that it will not be a denim jumper.

Do you have clothes that you wear when you need to be more productive?  Have you tried a type of uniform or special clothes in your home school?  Did it help? Do you have some advice?

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  1. We've never really had a "uniform" but I always make my kids dress for school- no pjs. I've noticed if I'm too relaxed in what they wear, they are too relaxed and not focused. So everyone wears real clothes- even me!


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