Random 5 on Friday ~ October 17th Edition

Yes it really is over half way through October already! I started this two weeks ago! I am overdue for a Random 5 post!

1.  The last time we were at Costco (two weeks ago!) as we loaded up the van at Costco, I noticed that the leaves on the trees were starting to change color. The one thing I truly miss about fall is the gorgeous display of deciduous trees.  Oh it’s not that we don’t have them around here; it’s just that we have an over abundance of evergreen trees.  Especially in my yard.

Random 5 October 17th Edition ~ Missing the colors of Fall

2. Speaking of Costco the cashier was a very friendly, chatty young man.  We were discussing driver’s licenses and cars and he mentioned giving up his car for lent! I thought that was so cool. The young man who boxed up our stuff was also friendly and chatty.  It made for a pleasant end to a long shopping trip.

3. We have joined the 21st Century. I now have a smart phone. It’s a cheap smartphone but now I have unlimited text (I had such limited texting on my “dumb” phone that I pretty much didn’t use it.) and data.  We got four phones and will be paying only $7 more per month for 4 phones with unlimited text, data and voice than we were paying for 3 “dumb” phones on a zero data, limited voice and limited text plan.

4. I finally made it up to a Russian Bazaar that I had wanted to attend for years.  A friend drove and three of us headed up for Divine Liturgy followed by a lunch of Russian food.  I picked up a Christmas gift for Tailorbear and I picked up some nuts for all of us. I am rationing the Curry Cashews and hoarding the Cinnamon Spice Pecans so that we have them as part of our “relish”  tray for Thanksgiving. 

Random Thoughts from Tess October 17th Edition Circling Through This Life

5. I have some some awesome e-maginary friends from the internet. Earlier this week one of them sent me a package a goodies from Canada. She included a post card (not shown in photo) and one of my favorites from my days of living in England: Smarties!

Treats from North of the Border Random Thoughts from Tess

The Pebble Pond

Come join us over at the Pebble Pond for this week’s Edition of Random 5 on Friday!


  1. Hooray for Canadian chocolate and candy!! I haven't had a Mackintosh in simply ages. Smarties are a favorite in my family too, as well as Coffee Crisp - my all-time favorite chocolate bar!

  2. It was so fabulous to attend together!


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