5 Random Thankful Thoughts ~ November 14th Edition

I did not think of this last week but today it occurred to me that I could combine Random 5 on Friday and Thanksgiving type thoughts. I see many friends on Facebook listing something they are grateful for everyday for the month of November. I like that idea but I can’t keep up so I’m going to write up things that I am grateful for for the remaining Fridays in November.

Five Random Thankful Thoughts

1. I am thankful for sunshine even if it is so cold outside. ~ The artic air seems to have arrived here and temps are in the low to mid- 40’s during the day and in the 20’s in the evenings. Yes, I know not so cold as many other areas of the country but that is cold for us. I do love the sunshine though which is very rare for November.

2. I am thankful for warm cozy throw blankets because it is so cold outside. ~ I like keeping a stack of these blankets on the couch in the family room and a couple on my rocking chair in the living room. Give me my sweater, a blanket, a cup of tea and my book and I will be happy oh and the fireplace (see number 3.)

3. I am thankful that we got the gas fireplace fixed. ~ I am so thankful that we have a fireplace. It didn’t really work last winter but it has been wonderful to turn the fireplace on, starting on some colder days in October. The girls have been doing some of their history work and playing games on the floor in the living room in front of the fire.

4. I am thankful for home canned tomatoes! ~ My friends, along with two of my daughters, and I canned boxes and boxes of tomatoes.  I love having quarts and pints of tomatoes. This week I used tomatoes in the crockpot to make a yummy sausage pasta sauce and today I used a quart of tomatoes for the soup we’ll eat tonight.

5. I am thankful for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. ~ I am thankful for the crew, for the great products I get to review, for the awesome Crew Leadership, and especially for the friends I have made. Friends who have made me laugh, prayed for me, encouraged me and who might even read my blog sometimes!

What are you thankful for this week? In addition to my regular Random 5 link up, I’m also linking up to This Day Has Great Potential, a blog from another wonderful Crew friend!

The Pebble Pond

Come join us over at the Pebble Pond for this week’s Edition of Random 5 on Friday!


  1. We've hit those temps too, and I know it is only a matter of time before it gets worse. Aaaand...we woke up with no power this morning. Argh! I just used home canned tomatoes in my stuffed pepper soup last night!! ;-)

    1. I need a recipe for stuffed pepper soup! November is usually are rainiest month whereas January tends to be the coldest. It has been strange to have January temps with sunshine in November.

  2. I am Oh, so Thankful for great friends through the Crew. I'm enjoying my fireplace and warm, cuddly blankets, too. Thank you for sharing your list with me.

    1. Thanks for letting me link up to your Thankful post!

  3. I often perch in front of the fireplace in the evenings, it feels so lovely. It also feels decadent to just turn on the fireplace, but dearly enjoy.
    I am loving the tomatoes as well - yum! We are on for next year?


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