Random 5 on Friday November 7th

I’ve missed a few weeks so these random thoughts are not all from this past week.

1.  This is has been a rough week. A very dear older gentleman fell asleep in the Lord on Monday.  This amazing man adopted my whole family.  He was like a grandfather to all of us. He came to see all of BooBear’s recitals her Freshman year of college. He gifted us with an amazing evening at the Ballet a few Christmases ago. He was always smiling and always had a story to share.  He lived a rich and full life and I am grateful that my family got to know him.  Memory Eternal, John!  You will be missed!

2.  BooBear is in choir this year and we attended her first choir concert a couple of weeks ago. She also participated as a pianist and a vocalist in a special Evening of Schubert recital.  She did not do a vocal solo but did sing as part of the group. This picture is from her choir concert.  What a beautiful woman she has grown to be!

3. Last week she had another recital.  This one was the keyboard students recital but by keyboard they mean “instruments that use a keyboard.”   All but one of the performers were pianists. The recital ended with the one organist performing.  The organ, by the way, is incredible! Beautiful beautiful piece of craftsmanship and sounds wonderful as well.  No pictures allowed so I have none.  It was custom made and copyrighted so photos are not allowed.

Beautiful Boobear after her concert ~ Random Thoughts from Circling Through This Life

4.  Last week was Halloween and we had friends over. We made (ok ok Honeybear made) homemade pizza. We tried a pizza combo that we had not done in years.  BBQ Chicken.  Use BBQ sauce in place of pizza sauce, topped with cubes of cooked chicken and then a combo of mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese.  It was a huge success. I think we’re going to be having BBQ Chicken pizza again this weekend.  Maybe I’ll take pictures and do a recipe post.

5.  I did not get pictures of my girls in costume. Boobear did not dress up. She did not trick or treat.  She’s such a grown up now. Turtlegirl was a waiter.  She even used her daddy’s bowtie. Oh how I wish I had picture! She had a pretty white ruffled blouse with a black vest.  Black dress pants and an apron.   Tailorbear opted to do the rock star thing again. I had fun spray painting her hair with a pink dye.  She also experimented with wild eye makeup and used the guitar from the wii band hero as a prop.  Supergirl has been watching Once Upon a Time with us and decided she had to be a blue fairy.

The Blue Fairy ~ Random Thoughts from Circling Through This Life


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