Random 5 on Friday ~ January 16th Edition

So here we are half way through the first month of 2015!

Random Five on Friday from Tess at Circling Through This Life

1.  The review Crew is back in full swing! I just got my first product to review, an audio drama adventure based on G.A.Henty’s In Freedom’s Cause. The Crew reviewed Under Drake’s Flag last year but I wasn’t assigned to that one. I am excited to listen to this production of In Freedom’s Cause.  Look for my review in late February!

In Freedom's Cause Audio Drama Adventure ~ Review coming soon to Circling Through This Lfe

2.  I’m participating in 34 Weeks of Clean hosted by my friend Michele at Family, Faith and Fridays. Our first assignment was to clean up and organize Christmas Decorations. I never did get around to posting about decorating for the holidays but I did post Christmas Decorating {But in Reverse!}.  I think Boobear did a great job organizing our Christmas stuff.  This week I’ve been working on the pantry.

3. I finished reading The Man who Was Thursday: A Nightmare.  I actually finished it nearly two weeks ago but just didn’t get around to marking it complete until today. It was good. I really liked it. I had never read anything by C.K. Chesterton before. I think I want to read more.  Somewhere around here I have some of his Father Brown mysteries.

4. I also finished Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo. I don’t know if I’ll try any of the recipes in the book. Well, maybe the sauerkraut one but the first part of the book was full of good information that is really helping me to understand how important balanced blood sugars are and how that process works in the body. And just for the record this book does not promote a no-carb diet. It promotes a grain free diet but Ms. Sanfillippo makes it clear that the body needs carbs. It just doesn’t need them from grains but instead from items like sweet potatoes. It’s worth reading if you can get the book at the library or free/cheap on Kindle.

5. I anticipate blogging more about health and nutrition and I’ve got lots of recipe posts in draft mode. I just need to make the time to finish them up and get them scheduled. I did just get a subscription to picmonkey royale and I want to take the time to play with the photos for my blog posts.

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