Random 5 on Friday ~ January 23nd Edition

#randomfive January 24th Edition with review product preview at Circling Through This Life

I don’t know if Miranda will have a link up this week or not but I really like doing these little random 5 things so I’m going to try to keep doing them even without a link up! And as seems to be so often the case, I start this on Friday and finish it on Saturday.

1.  Have I mentioned Build a Menu?  Several crew runs ago I reviewed eMeals. I liked it well enough to purchase a 6 month subscription!  Well, I needed meal planning help again, but eMeals just wasn’t going to work.  I needed more flexibility.  So I found an awesome coupon code and got a one year subscription to Build A Menu.  I might just have to blog about it!

2.  Thanks to Build a Menu I have discovered that I really like cottage cheese with strawberries. I’m not a fan of cottage cheese unless it’s in something like lasagna but wow a dish of cottage cheese with some sliced strawberries is really refreshing.

3.  I’ve been craving biscuits and gravy.  I found a biscuits and sausage gravy “side dish” in the “breakfast” category of Build A Menu.  We tried it and it was good.  Not nearly as good as my gravy but definitely low carb with almond flour biscuits and almond milk with heavy cream instead of regular 1% milk and some half and half or heavy cream. I think the family all voted to try it again and I’m thinking the almond flour biscuits can be used for cheddar garlic biscuits or sweetened a bit and served as a dessert or breakfast pastry. I’m also thinking the biscuits would pair nicely with sausage patties for breakfast sandwiches. Maybe I can do this low-carb/no grain thing after all.  Maybe.

4. I get to review some Emu oil and Shampoo and Conditioner from Koru Naturals. The Review Crew isn’t just about great home school products. Sometimes we even get to review products for mama.  I will, I think, share these with the girls but I’m tempted to keep them for myself!

Koru Naturals review coming soon at Circling Through This Life

5. I do plan to blog more frequently. I’ve got several post ideas and recipe ideas some just swirling in my head and some in draft form but I’ve been consumed with trying to understand these new medical issues and find a new normal for us with all the dietary changes.


  1. I never buy cottage cheese, but I enjoy it. That does sound yummy.
    So glad you received a mom treat to review ;)


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