Lent is Coming ~ Eat all the Bacon!

Somehow I have lost track of time. I just realized this morning that this Saturday is the 14th of February.  Say what?!!  Valentine’s Day.  Or Chrismation Anniversary as we think of it now. 5 years ago Valentine’s Day fell on Forgiveness Sunday, the day before Great Lent started.

Pascha is a week later this year than that year so Forgiveness Sunday is next week. But but but but that means that this Sunday, the day after Valentine's Day is Meatfare Sunday.

Meatfare Sunday is the last day that meat like beef, chicken, pork, and lamb, or really anything other than fish or shellfish, is eaten until Pascha.  I made Salisbury Steak the other night. I’m making something with hamburger tomorrow night, maybe stuffed cabbage rolls.

We tried a roast recipe from Build a Menu a few weeks ago.  It calls for a beef chuck roast but I used a pork tenderloin roast.  We loved it so much that I am making that same roast again. It’s not the healthiest of roasts with a packet of au jus and a packet of dry ranch seasoning but oh my.  It was delicious and the perfect meaty meal for Meatfare.

Lent Is Coming! Time to eat up all the meat so eat more bacon!

I bet you’re wondering about bacon.  I did mention bacon.  I love bacon.  Great Lent means no bacon.  I made bacon Monday morning for breakfast. Bacon and fried eggs for breakfast and left over bacon on my chicken club sandwich (served on lower carb flat bread thing) for lunch.  I made bacon again on Tuesday morning.  Bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Saving the leftover bacon for another chicken club sandwich on Thursday.  That leaves two more pounds of bacon in my freezer.

Saturday morning will be the last full meaty breakfast.  I’ll cook up both one pound packages of bacon and maybe I’ll make biscuits and gravy or maybe I’ll do up scrambled egg sandwiches.  Or or or maybe I’ll just be a piggy and eat all the bacon myself.  I don’t think my family would like that very much.

All I know is that this is the week to eat bacon. And more bacon and then even more bacon.  Then maybe, just maybe I’ll be sick of it and not want to eat any bacon until Pascha. I can hope, right?


  1. I'm very interested in that roast recipe... Can you share sometime?

    1. The original idea came from Build A Menu. I'll take notes and pictures of my tweaks and hopefully do a blog post about it. I think it was called Mississippi Roast. Oh and tonight's dinner is going to be Chocolate Chilli (that's what Build a Menu calls it). I'm totally tweaking it by adding in green bell peppers and celery along with the garlic and onion. I'm interested in how the cocoa powder deepens the chilli flavor. I think that might have to be yet another food related blog post!

  2. I can't imagine getting tired of bacon and now wanting to eat it, so good luck with that. LOL


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