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This week’s Random Five is not so Random.  It’s my Five Thoughts on Eating Healthy or Five Thoughts about FOOD. Cause it just seems like I am obsessed with food.  Especially when you’re the chief cook (but not bottle washer).

This week’s Random Five is not so Random.  It’s my Five Thoughts on Eating Healthy or Five Thoughts about FOOD.

1. Why am I thinking of food so much?  Why do I feel obsessed?  One word.  One life altering word.  One turn your world upside down and smack you in the head word:  Diabetes. Yes, I have it but that didn’t smack me in the head. My husband has it. That has rocked my world. The positive thing ~ can there be a positive thing? ~ is that in trying to learn how to take care of him, I am taking better care of me and I am taking teaching my children about health more seriously.

2. Food can be healing. No, I’m not talking about the emotion driven urge to feel better by setting off endorphins in the brain. I’m talking about choosing to eat foods that nourish the body to promote the natural healing of cells. I still have far more to learn but I made bone broth.  Need to make more.  I also want to make homemade fermented cabbage aka sauerkraut.

3. I was once anti-Paleo. I thought it was more Atkins as in don’t eat veggies either. There’s lots of wiggle room in the definition of Paleo. For me I’m concentrating on avoiding grains, avoiding sugars and eating whole foods.

4. Some Paleo proponents do not do dairy. I’m not one of them. I like my Greek Yogurt and my cheese and cream, but I have become quite particular about which dairy products I buy and which brands. Not all Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese or Half and Half is created equal. I’m getting good at reading labels.

5. We’ve been following the idea of Trim Healthy Mama and separating out fuel sources so one meal would be protein centered with fats and another meal would be protein centered with good carbs. The foods that I am choosing, for the most part, would fit into the paleo philosophy of whole, real, unprocessed foods.  To help me with meal planning we subscribed to Build A Menu which gives me options for Paleo and for Trim Healthy Mama.  It gives me other options as well but those are the two I always gravitate towards.

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  1. I subscribe to Build a Menu too. It has saved me from the same old meal day after day.


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