Tailorbear shares Catherine’s Pascha

I rarely put up guest posts on my blog but when I found out that my daughter was the first person to read aloud Catherine’s Pascha to a young child I just had to get my daughter to talk about it.  The author, Charlotte Riggle, a dear friend, loved the idea of Tailorbear sharing her experience.  Here is Tailorbear’s blog post:

Christina enjoys Catherine's Pascha.  A wonderful story of the celebration of Pascha (Easter) told through the eyes of Catherine.

Catherine's Pascha is a wonderful new children's book written by Charlotte Riggle and Illustrated R.J. Huges. I had the pleasure of reading it aloud to a child I was babysitting while her mother and brother baked cookies with Mrs. Riggle.

The story was sweet and enjoyable. I love how Catherine seems so very eager to stay awake for the service and how she and her best friend Elizabeth are allowed to sit next to each other. I love how the service is very accurate!

I loved how things were described and even though there were words I couldn't pronounce it was still really easy to understand! I think it showed a lot about culture as well. I also love how realistic the attitudes of everyone are. They are all happy, just as they should be on Pascha!

The illustrations were also very good! They were lovely to look at and helped present the story in a very good way. One of the things I especially loved how the illustrations told part of the story like when the parents and grandparents were talking about whether or not the kids would stay awake for the whole service. I liked the details of the illustrations.

Catherine's Pascha by Charlotte Riggle

The book held my attention. It wasn’t too babyish for older kids like me to enjoy. It was a very pleasant read. Although there were some words I couldn't pronounce, as they were Russian and Greek.The plot was easy to follow as well! It was quiet simply the story of Catherine, her family, and her best friend Elizabeth, and how their Pascha goes pretty much every year. I loved the subtle humor in the book as Catherine says: “i wasn't sleeping! I was just resting my eyes!” It truly shows the excitement of the younger kids for Pascha!

I think Christina liked it as well. Christina, being so young, was very distracted by a furry doggy friend, but whenever he wasn’t around, she would sit next to me and listen to the story. She especially smiled whenever I came across a Russian or Greek word I didn’t know and I would say: “A word that I cannot pronounce…”

Over all I really enjoyed this book. I found the story very charming and wish that it had been around when I was younger! I would love to have this book to take along with me when I babysit! I enjoy babysitting, and good books are always good, fun, and help with babysitting!

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Tailorbear is a 15 year old Orthodox Christian convert. She experienced her first Pascha when she was 11 years old. She loves books, children and her church. When not attending church, babysitting or reading, she can found be drawing or playing video games.



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