Random 5 on Friday ~ March 13th Edition

It's March! OK, so it's been March for nearly two weeks but still, the weather has been beautiful here!

Random Five March 13th Edition from Circling Through This Life

1.   Supergirl loves Digital Science Online.  It's from Visual Learning Systems.  We just finished reviewing it but this is science right now. It’s a good fit for her right now with a combination of videos to watch and visual aids as well as hands on activities and worksheets.

2.  Today Tailorbear is having fun with a microscope!  She's looking at cells.  She's using BooBear's lab coat from J-Term.  I guess that investment in a good microscope and supplies was not a waste after all with daughter number 3 using it.

3.  Supergirl has a new nickname.  Butternut Squash or just Butternut for short. I made butternut squash soup earlier this week and she did not like it. We were chatting while doing school and I just started tweaking her nose every time I said butternut. She has decided she likes being called Butternut and insisted that her log in name for her math program be changed from Supergirl to Butternut. 

4.  I still have a zillion, or so it seems, blog posts in draft form as I try to sort through and figure out this diabetes stuff. I’ve been spending time reading Diabetes 101.  I’m really frustrated with the American Diabetes Association. The information is outdated and contradicts other groups. The numbers are also too high and set people up for failure. I really should set aside time to finish up all those drafts. I just spend so much time planning and cooking meals. Remember when I posted about my obsession? It’s food related but more of the “OK what can we eat that will not spike the sugars so that I can stay off meds.  What can we eat that will not spike his sugars and help lower his sugars so we can reduce his meds.”

5. I finished two books this week.  Well, this week including TODAY, Sunday March 15.  I know this is the March 13th edition but um I didn’t get it finished.  So last Monday I finished Patricia Rushford’s As Good as Dead. This is the third book in her Angel Delaney series. I think it is also the last book in that series which is kind of a bummer as I like Angel. The book doesn’t leave you hanging and does wrap up nicely enough that it doesn’t need another book but another book would be nice.  The other book I finished, the one I finished today really surprised me and deserves a blog post all on its own. It’s Why I am an Atheist Who Believes in God by Frank Schaffer.  I could say more. I do have more to say but I’ll just start another blog post draft for it.  At least that draft won’t be about food, health, or diabetes.

So there you have it.  The Friday the 13th Edition completed on Sunday the 15th.  Have a great week!


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