Friday’s Random Thoughts {On Saturday}

I know it’s Saturday so I’ve edited the subject line.  Sometimes I’m very good at getting Random Five on Friday up on a Friday but not this week. 

1.  When it rains it pours, right?  That’s how the saying goes? The weather though has been warm and beautiful and not raining at all but I wasn’t talking about the weather. In the course of 24 hours three things happened:

Random Five on Friday at Circling Through This Life

2. (Yes I am cheating. I am going to count each thing as a separate item so I can get to 5!) I discovered that my favorite blogging editor LiveWriter will no longer publish posts to blogger/blogspot blogs because Google updated log in protocols. It’s a good thing that the protocols are updated to be more secure but it is a bad thing for me that Microsoft has not updated LiveWriter to include those protocols.  It doesn’t look like like Microsoft will be updating LiveWriter.  That stinks.

3. The dryer has decided to go on the fritz. It’s 17 years old. This isn’t the first time we’ve had issues and I am sure that Honeybear will be able to figure out the problem, order the right part, and fix the dryer. So what’s it doing? It stops. It will be drying just like it is supposed and then suddenly it stops. Turn it on and it goes for awhile and it stops. 11pm and it stopped and it would not start again.  Next morning, it would work and then stop.  So the dryer needs a babysitter to make sure it stays running. In the meantime my handy husband will do his homework and save the day! 

4. The bathroom flooded. The toilet overflowed. 1:30 am (just two and half hours after the dryer quit), I wake up because I hear Turtlegirl, Tailorbear and Supergirl. I think Supergirl is bugging her sisters and I get up to shoo her back to bed with a reminder to leave her sisters alone.  I find, however, Turtlegirl and Tailorbear with towels trying to clean up the bathroom.  I am so proud of them for trying to solve it on their own. They were trying to not wake up mom and dad. I helped get the toilet so it wouldn't flood again and they cleaned up the floor.  We all slept in the next morning!

5. Sometimes the rain isn't bad things but blessings pouring down from God. I have experienced some blessings this week as well. Not going to share details but God used real human beings to demonstrate his love and care towards me and my family this week and I am grateful so grateful.


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