Music, Flowers, Life ~ Random Five on Friday May 8th

Let’s just jump in shall we?

1. It’s been a busy musical week for BooBear.  Of course I don’t have pictures. That would mean that I actually was organized enough to make sure we had the camera and cornered her before she changed.  On Tuesday she performed in the Keyboarding Student’s Recital.  It’s called Keyboarding because it includes more than just the piano.  This time it was about half piano and half organ.

BooBear and Music ~ Music, Flowers, Life ~ Random Five at Circling Through This Life

2. BooBear performed yesterday as part of the Piano Ensemble. Earlier in the term her partner had to drop out so her partner was the director. There were 15 students involved.  Most were duets but there was one quartet.  I had never seen a piano quartet before.  4 students, 8 hands, two pianos and they played an arrangement of the Brandenburg Concerto.  It looked so fun to play and it was so fun to listen and watch.  I love the Brandenburg Concertos.

3. The last piece of the Piano Ensemble involved all 15 students. I am not sure how to do it justice in words. Two pianos with students coming and going. Most of the time there were 8 hands at the piano.  For the final few measures they managed to get ALL FIFTEEN students arranged at the two pianos.  It was quite a sight and very fun to watch.

4. Last week I mentioned that the rhododendrons were blooming. I even had pictures to include but I didn’t get them into the post. Oops. The pink flowers are nearly done but the red ones are in their full glory this week. These are pictures from last week.

Spring is here~ Random Five on Friday at Circling Through This Life

5.  This has been a crazy week with real life interfering with our home school life. Add to the chaos that I am having a flare up of fatigue and pain and it’s been a long difficult week. I look forward to enjoying my Blue Sky [stevia sweetened] Creamy Root Beer and a snack and snuggling with my Honeybear while we watch some streaming on Netflix.

Music, Flowers, Life ~ Random Five at Circling Through This Life


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