Random Five on Friday ~ May 1st Edition

It’s May, already?  It’s the first day of May and it’s a Friday!  Here’s Five Random Thoughts for this first Friday of the month.

1. Last week we had an interesting storm. It rains frequently here in the PNW but usually it is a constant drizzly kind of rain, but last week it was torrential downpours.  It rained so hard that when I was in my room, it sounded like someone was taking a shower in the bathroom.  I do not remember ever hearing the rain like that before. 

2. The storm didn’t just have a torrential downpour though.  It hailed as well. It hailed enough to make it look like a layer of snow on the trampoline.

Hail covering the trampoline after a torrential downpour of rain

3. Despite the rain that day, we’ve had some gorgeous days and the rhododendron bushes in my front yard are blooming. I love these bushes. I wish the blooms lasted longer.

4. This week I reviewed La La Logic Curriculum which is a brain training program based on the idea of brain plasticity research.  The Brain Challenge mode uses activities modeled after childhood IQ tests. This program lays the foundation for learning.  This program is now part of Supergirl’s day and I highly recommend it.  Check out my review to learn more!

La La Logic ~ Brain Training Curiculum for young children. Has both online and offline components. Read review by Tess at Circling Through This Life

5.  Speaking of reviews, I received the brand new, revised version of Teaching Writing Structure and Style from Institute for Excellence in Writing. I will be reviewing the Value package which includes the TWSS along with the Student Writing Intensive Level A that I’ll be using with Supergirl.  She is so excited. She’s been watching the TWSS with me this week and on Monday we’ll start the SWI Level A. She’s the only one of four who has been excited about learning how to write.

May 1st Edition of Random Five from Circling Through This Life


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