Some Anniversaries Are Just Not Fun

Most anniversaries are fun like the anniversary of your birth or the anniversary of your first date with your husband. My husband and I often acknowledge the anniversary of our first kiss. As a family we celebrate the anniversary of our entering the Orthodox Church.  Some anniversaries though are not so pleasant and are just not fun.

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of Honeybear’s heart attack. Life has slowly returned to a new level of normal. It’s almost as if it didn’t happen. I don’t think about it all the time. I got lulled back into a sense of complacency and forgot how emotional and scary it was.

gratefulness on this not so fun anniversary

And then, I had reason to be at the hospital and it all came rushing back again. Supergirl was scheduled for an MRI (long story maybe I’ll blog about it some other time) and we had to walk through the cafeteria to get to the hallway we needed. Just walking through the cafeteria brought back a flood of memories.

That wouldn’t have been so bad, just walking through the cafeteria but when we arrived at the waiting room for Supergirl’s MRI procedure, I realized we were right next door to the waiting room where I sat and waited while Honeybear had his heart catherization. That same waiting room also has the entrance to the cardiac ward where Honeybear spent a couple of days after being moved out of the ICU.

It’s not fun to remember that Sunday morning.  It’s not fun to remember how scared I was nor how scared he was. But it is a good thing to remember that it happened.  A good thing to be reminded how grateful I am that it was such a mild heart attack and that he has now recovered.

On this anniversary though I am grateful that the recent blood work is “in acceptable ranges” and I am grateful that my husband is back to doing his normal things like planting a garden.



  1. Thank you. What a needed reminder to be grateful for what we have and to learn and remember the lessons from those difficult time. - Lori


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