Summer is here!!

Nearly every year I post something in May about how much I love May and how perfect the days are and I complain that June is cold, gray and rainy but it’s ok cause May is beautiful.

This year has been weird. Our May was not full of beautiful practically perfect sunny days. We had cold and rain. I was getting worried that would mean we would NOT see the sun until after the fourth of July! It was depressing thinking about that.

But that has not been the case!  It’s been gorgeous!  We’ve had several days in a row of beautiful sunshine filled days.  We’ve had temps in the 80s.

Summer is Here!

Gardens are growing (including ours but that’s a post for another day), birds are singing, grass is growing.  It’s summer in the mild Pacific Northwest.

We did not need the air conditioner at all in May.  We usually don’t need it in June either.  This year though I begged Honeybear to put it in last night because having so many days of temps in the 80’s had taken its toll and the house had gotten HOT.  We wouldn’t even need it now if we had windows positioned to give us a nice cross breeze or if we could block the hot afternoon sun from streaming into the Kitchen and Family Room.

The weather is so summery that I was shocked to see a school bus in the neighborhood.  Then I remembered it is still EARLY June.  School will be done next week.  Well for the public school.  We’ll still be working through things because we like being able to take longer breaks at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Pascha.

The girls know though that if they work diligently they can have some time off to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Turtlegirl likes to go to the park and enjoy the sun and heat. She loves the sun the most. Tailorbear prefers the rain and is usually the first to complain that “it’s too hot mom, can I go run in the sprinkler?”

Summer means jumping on the trampoline and reading books outside. I love summer! Do you have any special plans for this summer?


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